Award Time

Last night I was very surprised and thankful that Jennifer over at "The Extreme Housewife" recognized my little blog. Very surprised! Very thankful! So I am also to pass these along to my favorite bloggers. Cool idea because I have some great bloggy friends.

First the rules of the awards:
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These are the bloggers I feel deserve these.... I enjoy reading their posts everyday. Really well written, funny, informative, say what your thinking blogs. Great group right here. Thank you ladies for keeping me entertained.

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Pony Girl Rides Again

Leecie Loo and 7 Boys Too


Thank goodness it's Friday finally. Phew....made it another week without serious injuries. All kids accounted for and in one piece! Yea me.

Now that probably sounds a little dramatic. But if you knew my kids, it's a wonder we're all still here. I have 3 wildly crazy, very curious and try anything once to scare mom boys. And one little lady along for the ride. Often times shes moms heart attack waiting to happen. I caught her on the top of our rv once and holy goodness!! That one scared me. She climbed up Hubby's motorcylce to reach the ladder then thought hey I think I'll dance. Thats when I walked outside. I dang near peed myself I was so shocked. Where were my boys you ask? Laughing their butts off at it all. Mind you she's only 2.

For some reason us moms can feel something going on. Call it intuition, whatever we just know. When it's just too quiet, we know. When their overly nice, we know. When one tries to get your attention away to distract you, we know.

We live in a very safe open area, we got some acreage so I leave my doors unlocked all day long and all night long. If I go to the store chances are I leave it unlocked. Our gate is hardly shut, let alone locked. We have guns, but never need them. So having the kids outside playing should have me at peace. With them out of the house so I can clean, talk on the phone or just have some quiet time to myself should be peaceful. But not with my kids. Their adventurous and curious nature always has me peeking out the window.

One nice sunny summer afternoon, I was having company. My sister and her kids had come over. We had all 9 kids playing on the brand new swing set. We were inside laughing and talking. All was going great. That is until we hear a horrifying cry. Immediatly we jump up and I see out the window my son holding his face. I tell my sister, "you go check. I can't look." I can't stand to see one of my kids injured. So she looks and calmly tells me to get my purse I had to take him to the hospital. I muster up the courage to look... and holy madness his eye lid was slit open!! I cringed just remembering. Not his first set of stitches or our first ER visit. The only child to not see the inside of an ER is Caitie. God help us she never will.

Stitches, ER, operations, 911 calls, we're pros. With boys I think most are. But, still gets us every time! I should remind you that I was a "single" mother for 5 years basically. Hubby was an over the road truck driver. So I was the only one here to witness the stunts gone wrong, the careless accidents and I freak out a lot. Thank goodness he's home now.

So you see, thats why I say, thank goodness we made it another week all safe and sound! Have a relaxing weekend all!

If You Wanna Know I'll Tell Ya! Layout Secrets Exposed!!

So I changed my layout recently, and it was really time consuming so if anyone wants to benifit from my experience heres how I got it. FREE!!!!!

The 3 column thing was from TCBOTB. You go there and click on "blog secrets" you'll find all kinds of neat tricks. Their easy step by step instructions made is so easy breezy.

The signature was from photobucket. I saved a picuture from my layout to the computer and uploaded it to photobucket. There I cropped it so I had matching background. Enter text into it and tada signature. Now where to place it, I got that from TCBOTB too. It's in layout, edit html, then expand widgets (check that box) and press ctrl f (for find) then enter
and put it right below it.

Banner I did from banner sketch. Again I uploaded the cropped background from my computer so it will blend and used their generator. Easy. You add that at layout, page elements, header, upload, click on instead of and save!

Blog button I used photobucket again. When I got the html code I just changed the first set of photo bucket url to mine blog url. So it's clickable to your site. But to display just the words so others could take my button that was soooooo frustrating!!! I couldn't find it anywhere on the web, I was really going crazy. But finally at about 4am this morning I found it. I dang near woke everyone up I was so thrilled!! I found it at You go to and hit try it yourself, erase the text they have in leaving the top part, paste in your button info and hit eneter. If it comes out right then just copy that whole part on the left. Then you go to your add gadget, add html, and paste your "read only" button info. (How easy huh "duh read only")

The scrolling text at the top was done by going to layout again, edit html, expand widgets, ctrl f enter this
and just under it you place

You can put anything you want in the text area.

These are really neat tricks, but I do recommend backing up your layout first before you play with it!! Very important!! You can never be too careful.

It seemed everyone was really backed up with layout designs and I'm too impatient to wait for someone to do it for me, so I decided to learn on my own. I saved a lot of money too.

Have fun and let me know if it helped you please.

Also a HUGE THANK YOU TO THOSE SITES. Keeping a free site must be difficult so if you use them and are fortunate enough to donate a little, it goes along way!!!

The Wheel Of Knowledge

It's a cross between Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy. I'm in the process of making this game for the kids. It's going to have questions from every subject. Things we've learned and things we will learn.

I made the big poster board already to hold the big spinner. For some reason the bigger it is and more detail it has the more fun the kids have. Lots of painting and glitter to be done on that still. I'll probably have the kids do that so it can count towards their art class.

Each kid, since their at different levels, will have their own set of questions. I figure if a younger one wants a harder question they get extra points.

Then the prizes.... Hmmm well I have a 9 and 8 year old and two preschoolers. Of course cool erasers and pencils. Everyone likes those. But the younger ones are the only ones into stickers still. I'll just hit the Family Dollar and pick up little things. Those growing sponges are pretty cool.

It's fun for the kids and once again they have no idea their learning. A neat little trick to mix things up. No one likes reading books all the time. Scavenger hunts, games, field trips out of the blue for in person learning and hands on trial and error is what makes home school mountains above traditional schooling.

It's Offical I Must Have ADD

I say that because I have only blogged for a short while and already I've changed it like 10 times! But I'm pretty sure this is the look I want. Pretty sure. I know it must be annoying coming back to a site that is never the same! Sorry.


My Children

Crying, screaming, fighting.
Dirty, clumsy, angry.
Back talking, no listening, eyes rolling.
Selfish, loud, independent.
Stressing, hair pulling.
My children.
God made ‘em.
Perfectly in my image.
~The Chickenista


You're the sugar in my coffee.
The gas in my tank.
You hang in there with me.
For that I must thank.
Our chaotic life and all it's mess,
Perfect by no means
N’ wouldn't settle for less.
Sometimes a circus with adhd
I’ll always follow you,
Thru our journey in life
N’ what is to be.
~The Chickenista

My Family

You Ask, I Show And Tell

I have gotten a few e-mails asking about home school. So, I thought I would link them back here and make it available to all at once.

The schedule is what you make it. States have their laws of how many hours your child needs to be in school per week so check that first. Along with that, you also must have your child state tested just like in traditional schools. They call it the AIMS testing. Or whatever your childs tests are called. We do a three day school week, with little bits of learning through out the week. Fun hunts, silly projects, cooking/ baking they don't know their learning. But, I'm implementing things they've learned or will learn.

Socializing is very important for a childs development. Learning how to handle conflict or interactions with others can't be avoided. My children are involved with different activites with the community. Scouting, church, sports, 4H etc. these are ways your child can hang out with other kids. It was a huge adjustment for my kids. They missed their friends.

Also with the K12 they have numerous outings, more so than traditional field trips. Museums, zoos, IHOP. Fun places for kids to get together. Atleast every month if not more often.

I chose to home school because I was just tired of the school making up stricter rules for the kids. It got to the point where my child was being "suspended" every other day. No, not for fighting, not for using foul language, but because he talked too much!! What??? He wasn't understanding the lessons, and would ask questions too often. So, they thought he was a goofball making fun. I walked into the classroom one day and noticed a desk all the way in the corner. It was my kids. I tried finding out what if he had a learning disability but they didn't really care. He was a problem kid and they were too lazy to see that he need special help! With me teaching him I'm learning how to approach things and how much he can handle. He's doing so much better. He's even helping with the littler ones! I'm very proud.

Well, I think I answered all the questions. If not, comment me. These are a some of the items K12 sent for their learning.

(Some are out of focus sorry)


For Art


For Reading Lang Arts


For Reading Lang Arts


For Science


For Science


All In Neat Little Labled Boxes!!
Also All Their Workbooks!!

Those are just a few of the tools they use. If I broke out all their subjects we'd be here a while!!
I hope this helped you all in making a decision, if not I have that link on the side that will take you directly to K12. Or click here. While they do provide a lot of help, it is still up to you on how you'd like your child to learn. In traditional schools you need a 61% to pass a course, with K12 you need an 80% or they don't let you move on. Another great point is they have a foriegn language course for elementary level. I just love it all around.

Funnier Than A One Legged Chicken In a Cock Fight


Collards is green, my dog’s name is Blue
and I’m so lucky to have a sweet thang like you.

Yore hair is like cornsilk a-flapping in the breeze.
Softer than Blue’s and without all them fleas.

You move like the bass, which excite me in May.
You ain’t got no scales but I luv you anyway.

Yo’re as satisfy’n as okry jist a-fry’n in the pan.
Yo’re as fragrant as “snuff” right out of the can.

You have some’a yore teeth, for which I am proud;
I hold my head high when we’re in a crowd.

On special occasions, when you shave under yore arms,
well, I’m in hawg heaven, and awed by yore charms.

Still them fellers at work, they all want to know,
what I did to deserve such a purdy, young doe.

Like a good roll of duct tape yo’re there fer yore man,
to patch up life’s troubles and fix what you can.

Yo’re as cute as a junebug a-buzzin’ overhead.
You ain’t mean like those far ants I found in my bed.

Cut from the best cloth like a plaid flannel shirt,
you spark up my life more than a fresh load of dirt.

When you hold me real tight like a padded gunrack,
my life is complete; Ain’t nuttin’ I lack.

Yore complexion, it’s perfection, like the best vinyl sidin’.
despite all the years, yore age, it keeps hidin’.

Me ‘n’ you’s like a Moon Pie with a RC cold drank,
we go together like a skunk goes with it’s stank.

Some men, they buy chocolate for Valentine’s Day;
They git it at Wal-Mart, it’s romantic that way.

Some men git roses on that special day
from the cooler at Kroger. That’s impressive,” I say.

Some men buy fine diamonds from a flea market booth.“
Diamonds are forever,” they explain, suave and couth.

But for this man, honey, these won’t do.
Cause yor’e too special, you sweet thang you.

I got you a gift, without taste nor odor,
more useful than diamonds……IT’S A NEW TROLL’N MOTOR!!

Luv, from yor romeo
P.S. I think yore slicker’n deer guts on a door nob.

Something I found on line and just had to share!

I Get Knocked Down... But I Get Up Again.....

Just like the song goes, "nothings gonna keep me down!" So this is what happened....

We had opened up the pass through from the goats to the pigs areas because we thought it looked like they missed each other. We separated Dora from her bffs to kid and now she spends her days leaned up against the fence with Big Willy and Big Mama on the other side laying next to the fence. So we opened the pass through and all went great! Boots happily and curiously went up to Big Mama, who doesn't do much but lay around, and jumps on her back. It was the cutest thing. He was playing "King of the Mountain". Big Mama didn't mind. Big Willy went to Dora smelled her and the walked around for a lil while.

Everything was going nice and easy. That is until I decided to grab her to milk. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with Willy roaming around with Boots or she was just not having it. But I had her by her horns, squatted down to talk to so I could lead her to be milked. Just as I squatted she lunged forward and threw me back. I let go of one horn to catch myself and as I was down on the ground this lil bugger tried to head butt me!! Luckily I still had the one horn pretty good so she didn't get to. Then Hubby jumps the fence, runs over and grabs her so I could get up. He tilts her head back, shows who's the boss and lets her go.

During all this I just couldn't believe the force of her. I was shocked cause I'm no lil lady. Well, I didn't get milk that day but I shall try again! Next time I'll do it before we open the pass through. If she continues to be just stubborn, then I guess we'll just have to take her down when we take our pig in to be butchered. Not sure on that yet. But I see no reason keeping her if she doesn't have a purpose. Too expensive. She may just continue to be aggressive since she has a kid to protect.

And This Is Why Hes A Runnin

Yesterday I wrote how busy we've been and how I just can't wait for spring...

I thought I would show why Hubbys needing some time out.


Should have her 2nd litter around the beginning of March.
With her first litter she had 8!!


Ain't he cute! He was one of Daddy crew.


Nice and comfy. Ready to welcome new piglets...


Our newbies home. Its not really slanted, I just can't take pictures.
Walls went up yesterday. It will have two rows for nests
along the back and both ends will have fans.


This project was started when he was on the road.
So this is actually taking the longest.
Roof needs to be completed and inside still needs
insulation and dry wall.
The kids think their moving into it :)

I agree after all this Hubby deserves a lil r&r.

It's A Comin' It's A Comin' And Hubby Is A Runnin'

As I sit here in my home I can feel it. I can see it. That time of year I just love. Spring time is almost here. Time for cleaning out the old and gettin' ready for the new! I think I'm mildly ADD. Because I'm always looking forward to the next thing. I can never enjoy the now. When, whatever it is, is finally done I have to plan for whats next. But, on to my point because I do have one.

We just spent the end of last year getting ready for Hubby's new job and Christmas. Then, the beginning of this year we've had a lot going on. Had to get house ready for new living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture. (Which just arrived Tuesday. Yipee!) And pack heirlooms away and toss the furniture the kids destroyed. (Which is still piled in our backyard waiting for a free minute) During this, I've had Hubby also building a new pig house and fence it plus building a new coop for the newbie chicks (which are taking over our bathroom flying everywhere YUCK!) Sooooo, yea he's not looking forward towards my next to do.

Well, last year we tried and tried to get our garden going and failed sadly. But, with the new fortress we built mid summer and the home grown fertilizer, I have a good feeling. I'm waiting as patiently as I can to plant my first seed. Last year, we transplanted dozens of veggies, with it failing, boy was that expensive. Hundreds of $$$ lost. For a $1 packet you get lots of chances. I may need them.

I'm thinking of changing the way we water. We have one of those sprinkler thingies that remind me of school for some reason. It covers a pretty descent area. But, sometimes corners are left out. If I use 2, the center becomes too saturated. Next option, not put any in the corners. But, that's a lot of veggies to lose. Not sure. Any ideas? Maybe there's a better waterer I don't know about.

Here's my want list for the new garden:
Bell Peppers
Whatever bay leaves come from. A Bay?

I'm gonna have to read those packets to see when I can plant some of them. But, I think that all we use. Mmm can't wait. I'm so excited. If you have tricks to get rid of prairrie dogs or rabbits let me know in case our fortress is invaded. Short of sitting out there with a bb gun I just don't know.

I was told and tried and failed:
Cut hair thrown on the ground around it. (It just blew around and looked trashy)
Moth balls (so dangerous with little ones and animals).
Traps (didn't catch a thing)
A certain plant I can't remember.
Chicken fencing. (We buried it 2 feet down and it was 4 feet high off the ground)
A sonic underground sound. (It suppose to give off a noise that tells them 'danger'. But they need to check their human-to-gopher dictionary, because I think it says 'FOOD'!)
Bunny-B-Gone spray (Again I think it attracted more)

This is our year I just know it. I'm so tired of hearing about recalls. Salmonella etc. I can't even give my kids pb&js unless I make it from scratch! It's really getting ridiculous. And down right scary! But, this will mark our last step in supplying ourselves with total food. No more will I need to step foot in a grocery store and spend $400 on food to last a week. I will know whats going in their mouths. More importantly, they'll know and feel the pride in knowing they did that.

To Hubby: Thank you for putting up with all my changing moods and just going with it. You do so much to make me happy and I want you to know, I swear, after our plants are in I'll give you some time off for good behavior. Well, after the pools done and ready and the patio furnitures been... aah nevermind, I got that babe. You amaze me everyday with all your able to do. Love you!!

Erica Can, I Can

There's a new show out about a girl that can take back her wrong choices and correct them. It got me thinking about what I would change if I could go back and right some wrongs. The show is called Being Erica and it premieres on Soap tomorrow. Now I know the choices you've made in life took you to where you are. Good or bad its made you who you are today. Maybe stronger maybe thankful. But for funs sake I'm gonna right some wrongs here.

If I knew then what I know now..............

Now that I'm a Parent Stuff:
I would of been prouder to wear my mothers "creations" (now that I sew my kids clothes I know how hard it was for her.)

I would of helped out more with the house without whining (or at least not as much)

I would have listened more (turns out they were our age at one time!)

I would of used kinder words

I would of given more of myself

I would of said "Thank You" more

School stuff:
I would of paid a lot more attention in class

I would of went to class more

I would of been nicer to the ones I didn't understand

I wouldn't of taking love so seriously

I would of reached out to the friend in need

I wouldn't of dropped my bff because she didn't fit in

Life Stuff:
I would of went to college straight out of high school

I would of put myself first instead inconsiderate selfish jerks

I would of listened more to family and friends about certain boyfriends/ ex-husband

I would of been more respectful of myself and others

I would of not taken that last shot( I don't drink anymore for a reason:)

I would of taken more time to enjoy my baby free days with Hubby( you take that for granted only after you have kids)

I would of recorded more home videos of the kids as babies. Especially first cry aah I love that sound its so cute!! Oh and first smiles.

I'm going to throw these in just because:
I will enjoy everyday God gives me with my children and Hubby

I will encourage my children the way my parents did for me

I will always love my family no matter what

I will show Hubby my love for him everyday of my life

I will show God my appreciation and thank Him everyday for my gifts

I will laugh more

I will always put family first

The show is a cute "what if I could" concept. I can't wait to watch the premiere. I encourage others to take a look back and see what they would change. We may not be able to erase our past but why would we want to its our journey. We live we learn.

Couples Quiz

I was tagged on Suzies site so I guess now I tag all the married ones that visit me!

Your It!
Have fun!!

1. When is your "engagement" anniversary: My 21st birthday.
2. When is your "marriage" anniversary: August 13, 2000
3. How long have you known your spouse: 10years.
4. How long did you date/court before you were engaged: Almost 2 years.
5. Where did you meet your spouse for the first time: Work he was my boss.
6. Do you have any children yet: yes
7. How many: 4...3 boys 9,8,4 and one girl 2.
8. Do you have any house pets: Yes, our dog Zena and our three cats Snowball, Dipstick and Oreo. Plus tons of fish, snails, lizards, and hermit crabs.
9. Do you own a house or rent: Own
10. Do you live in the country or town/city: Rural
11. What is one of your favorite activities together: We love challenging each other anything, games /debates.
12. Do you have a favorite vacation spot: YES, the lake.
13. How many siblings (including in-laws): 9
14. What church do you attend: We haven't in a long time. ooh thats bad
15. Is this the church you were married in: No we were married in Vegas baby!
16. What town is your current address: Tucson
17. Do you work or stay at home: I'm a SAHM so I guess I work in my home.
18. Where did you honeymoon: Vegas Baby!
19. What does your parents (both sets) think about your spouse? Very proud of him, he's a good man, atleast now they do! He had to prove himself to Daddy. His parents love me!
20. Leave a piece of marriage advice: Arguing is healthy no one agrees all the time. Just be fair and know words can't always be taken back. Show your love everyday, a simple glance is all it takes to let each other know they're the one.

Anyone Else Have To Take The Morning After Pill???

No, I'm not referring to that one! I mean a "chill pill"? As you all know yesterday was *sniffle* Valentines Day, and I was robbed! Well no one came into my house and took anything, just my day was robbed! The most romantic day of the year.

Hubby came home yesterday morning at 5am from work then slept til about 1pm. He left for work around 3pm. Then worked til this morning so I was robbed. Not that I didn't have a great day with the kids, it was fun. But, I was just hoping that I would of gotten some sort of Valentinesy thing from Hubby. But noooo.

So needless to say I woke up a little irritated with him, and he knew it! I tried my best to be whatever about it but I just couldn't I guess. I needed to let him know, so this is what I did.

First no nice wake up call, he woke up to vacuuming and loud music blaring. Then, no breakfast. I just made enough for the kids and me. Still he didn't get it yet. So I purposely started loads of clothes and the dish washer so he wouldn't have hot water for his shower. Then, I hid all his socks and acted like I was too busy to find them. OK now he's a little irritated. When it came time for him to head off to work I hadn't packed his lunch yet. So I took my time making it, he hates to be late. Don't laugh, I'm a housewife, these are my resources!

Right before he left he asks, "is something wrong?" I'm thinking yea there's something wrong! I wanted to tell him, "yea man what the heck happened? You could of stopped and got flowers. You could of got a card. You could of done a number of things!" But before I could get any anger out he says "see if you can get us a babysitter for Tuesday." I said, "Why whats Tuesday?" All pissy. "Our Valentine date. I want to take you to somewhere special, it's a surprise. Sorry about yesterday, I didn't want to just pick something up for you that would have no meaning."
I said, "ooh well you know honey we don't need to do anything, we show each other love everyday." "I don't need to go out." But inside I was like yipee!

I know when you've been married for a while especially with kids, other things come first. I'm not really sure why it bothered me so much today. We spent 5 years worth of holidays and anniversaries apart when he was on the road. I guess it being our first Valentines Day with him home had something to do with it. But now I'm better. And all his socks are back in his drawers.

I Got Sucked Into It Again

I went and got sucked in for two days playing with this dang page. Hopefully it's a little better. It started with just wanting a different background and evolved into a new play list and I added a slide show! Now you can check out the familia!! Hope y'all like it.

This took quite a few hours of changing and changing, but I'm finally happy with it. It feels like me. At the bottom of the page I added a slide show if you want to check that out. I changed a few of my favorite songs. Had to add a little Jr.. This play list is me for sure (all over the place). A little rock, little soul, little pop, and a whole lot country!

If you've never heard "Daughters" aah then you need to hear it! So beautiful.
Ooh and "Play Chicken With The Train."
And "Waiting On The World To Change."

So check everything out let me know what you think.....I can take it.....

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine balloons Valentine balloons Valentine balloons Valentine balloons

I'm All For Freedom Of The Press But...........

When exactly did it become acceptable for our news media to single out an individual and just rip them to shreds. Then be "surprised" that said individual is receiving death threats??? It's ridiculous!

I'm sure I could come up with a bunch of examples but I want to focus on this poor woman in California. The woman with the amazing octuplet birth. She didn't ask to be put out all over the news, that was the hospital that leaked that. She didn't go around to church "asking" for donations. That I've heard. While it's not my cup of tea to do what she did, that's her business, not ours. And who are we to judge anyone? Whatever her situation may it be good or bad that's between her and her Lord. Now I have heard only cynical things pertaining to her. Not one positive. "She's trying to look like Angelina Jolie" someone said. Well ya know what she's very pretty and you shouldn't be jealous! "She receives assistance" someone said judgmentally. Well ya know what she has 3 disabled children that's what assistance is for! I've seen plenty of girls with gold bracelets all up their arms and pay with food stamps. I've seen lifted trucks chromed out waiting at the welfare office. Our system has a lot of "free loaders" on it. But this woman is not one of them. She has a legitimate reason to collect. By the way, she doesn't collect welfare just disability for her kids. As tax payer I say that's what its there for.

I'm sure I'm going to tick off a few people with this, but I'm just tired of people getting attacked in the media like this. I'm just as guilty, I watch these programs just like the rest of the mob. But I really don't know how someone could get furious enough to threaten someones life. That I don't get. I may not agree with everything I see on T.V. or someones lifestyle choice, but I sure as heck ain't gonna kill over it. I really do blame the media. They take one side and go with it. Ratings. Ratings. Ratings.

People who could do such a malice thing surely aren't considering the children. She has 14 and some are old enough to hear and understand whats being said about their mom. That's not fair to them. There a lot of parents who had children at times maybe they shouldn't of. Just look at all the multiple birth programs out there. Some of which cashed in when they had theirs. Free vehicles, car seats, food, nannies, the list goes on. Look at Jon & Kate plus 8. Man did they cash in!!! Even before their show on TLC. They just kept asking for more and more donations. The difference? This woman's not married. Or she lives with her parents still.

I saw how upset the mother was about this. But again is it our place to judge? That's a family matter. Why air dirty laundry like that? I'm Mexican so having adult kids at home isn't news to me. Even if they do have a bunch of kids. That's what family is for. You always have a place at home. That's our way of thinking. You don't throw out family and you don't put your parents in homes. You just deal. Because when you need it their there for you.

We don't know the whole story of this woman, and we probably never will. But, she seemed like she had it together and is a pretty decent mom. So just live and let live. If you don't agree there's a bunch of other channels to watch. Before you judge think to yourself of your lowest unproudest moment in life. We all have them. Then picture it being aired worldwide. How great would you come up?

My First Goat Milking Don't Laugh!

It is official we 'got milk'! Our own milk! Milk we raised. Milk we fed and cleaned up after. I'm so proud I could burst! 100% home grown milk! I'm trying to control my giddiness. Although, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. But is anything we do here as easy as I thought?

I made the mistake early on, the way I bought Dora. I saw an ad on Craig's list. I went to see them and it was cage after cage after cage as far as I could see. Small cages with like 6 or 7 goats in each. No fence around the property so I knew they didn't get out of the cage ever. Against what I had wanted a nice little doe kid, from a loving little ranch, that would run up to me and eat out of my hand. I picked her because she looked so sad and she was very beautiful. She was also already pregnant so I wouldn't have to wait long for milk. I thought I would have her eating out of my hand in no time.

When he delivered her he said just sit and talk to her to gain her trust. He had a rope tied around her horns and said I could keep the rope. I let her go so she could explore her new home and poor thing just hid. I spent many hours and days just sitting under the trees with her talking and trying to give her fruits or veggies. But nope. I felt so bad. Hubby was on the road at that point so it was just me trying to befriend her. I just figured we'd grow on her. All the way up to now she still doesn't fully trust us.

But the other day I was able to pet her and I tried milking her. I think she liked it. She stayed with me. My first milking of anything. It took me about an hour to get like 4oz. I was squirting everywhere but the bucket. It was on me. It was on her. I don't even know how I got it in my hair! I was messy. My hand got so tired. Like carpal tunnel. But it was enough to start for me. I was so happy just talking to her and cleaning her off.

Added bonus, while I was milking her, Boots, her buck kid, kept snuggling up to my arm. She knew he was OK and sort of made the whole thing easier for us having him there. She's been over protective of him since Big Willy busted the fence to get to her. ( I think he missed her) But he was smelling Boots and I got scared and quickly took Boots out of the way, which added to her concern. But fence fixed and I got milk!

I can't wait til I get the hang of things and can actually have enough to do something with it. All day I was thinking ooh cheese, aah soap, mmm ice cream. All in due time. Soon I'll be the Goatista!

Goodbye To An Old Friend

Today Hubby and I had a very eventful and sad day. To say the least. Needed to go into town for lumber for our new Piggie Palace and I needed to pick up some things at the grocery store. So, we took our big old van. For months now Hubby has been trying to get me stop driving it, its like 20 years old. But I love it! It's one of those RV vans that have tables with cup holders and like tons of leg room. Big tinted windows, thick plush carpeting. It also makes to where if one of the kids is having a bad day it's not right in my ear.

So we loaded it up at Home Depot with 32 2x4, 10 sheets of plywood everything. Then went to Fry's to get about a weeks worth of groceries. Off we went to home. We're driving down the Hwy out of town listening to the radio. We're all singing, no ones fussing, it's a great drive. We're going about 70mph and just singing along. Then just when we're just about half way between town and our area boom! I get a flat tire.

I successfully maneuver it to the side of the road and Hubby gets out to check on the tire. Ironically that was our spare, I had just gotten a flat tire and hadn't fixed the old one yet. Living out here flat tires are common. So what does Hubby do, he drove on it! "They do it on "Cops" and they last a good while!" So on we went about 2mph on the shoulder. Then we hear bang bang bang. The tread is coming off and is banging up the side of my door. Pieces are just flying in the window, I'm not in a good mood at this point. But on he goes. Then he says "OK now we lost the brakes" I'm just looking at this man like are you kidding me? My beautiful van! Turns out he broke the brake line. Finally he gives up and parks it. Thank God!

Just as we get out a neighbor pulls over and gives Hubby a lift to pick up his truck. Awesome right and he said "pay it forward" as Hubby tried to give him a couple bucks for the ride. Love that. So I take out the kids and we walk down the bank away from the hwy to wait. I was looking at my van thinking that was it. No more rides in her. Now I do have a brand new 07 Magnum Hubby bought me a year and half ago. It's red with white racing stripes. But its not the same! That car is mine, not for the kids to trash. Cause they do trash a lot of vehicles. So the van was the "aah who cares" vehicle.

So we emptied it out and left her there on the side of the road til a tow could come out. And here she will sit, I just know, waiting to be fixed by Hubby. But like most things in the yard she'll have a long wait. She'll probably be the kids fort!

My Funny Valentine

I feel like us girls, most girls, well some girls have an inner clock counting down to our "Big Day". No not our wedding day. Shoot that only comes once a lifetime. OK maybe twice. OK whatever it ain't every year... for most. I'm talking about Valentines Day! We start thinking of what he's gonna get us, where we're going, and what are we gonna wear the minute after we celebrate New Years. At least I did. I pictured a nice day devoted to me! His loving wifie. Here's what I saw...............

He starts the morning with coffee and cinnamon rolls brought to me in bed with flowers tucked behind his back. I'd lazily get up to a clean quiet house and await my next surprise. He would then blindfold me and take me on a car ride to a spa where I'd be pampered with massages and facials. (get all purdy for him) Then a limo would show up to take us to the most romantic restaurant overlooking the beautiful Arizona mountains. We'd come home and everything would just be perfect.

Ok I know. But it's a dream. I can dream can't I?

Reality.. I have four young kids who aren't the calmest of children or the most obedient. And there ain't no way no limo is coming down this far out of town to go down two dirt roads to pick my butt up! So we'll spend it here, and that will be perfect too. He'll BBQ (the good stuff) while the kids and I bake a heart shaped cake for us all to share. We'll make my #1 guy a nice card during art class. I'll even let them use the paint! The boys will go pick momma some flowers and put them in an old bottle and I will place them lovingly in my kitchen window. Truth be told my Valentines Days stank before kids. All holidays did.

I've tried to do the romantic thing. One year I searched for the perfect card that expressed just what I was feeling at the time. It took forever! But I finally got it. It had ribbon and that soft stuff velvet aah so beautiful. It said something like your my world, everything I asked God for etc. Real sweet. Right, plus he was on the road for like two months straight so I wanted it extra special. We went out to dinner, only had a couple of kids back then, so babysitting wasn't a problem. Then it came time to give him my card. I was shocked he had one for me! Yippee! So I let him read mine first. I poured my soul into it so it took him awhile. Then MY TURN! I open the envelope and take out the card and ugh....First, it had a cartoon on it with something funny. Then I open it.... In a restaurant where every ones having their VDay dinner and all you hear is "eek eek eek" the sound of bed springs squeaking........ I cracked up so bad!! He knows me so well. We do funny not romantic whats wrong with me?

Attempting The Impossible?

About two weeks ago or so the kids and us decided to try a 3 day school week. Which to me meant two days double duty. All the kids saw, of course, was "woohoo 4 days off!!" Hubby used to be an OTR truck driver, which meant we saw him every couple of months. But this Christmas he started driving locally. We were very happy! But he has 12+ hour days and he works weekends so, the kids wanted to have school off with daddy plus I needed Fridays to go into town and do all the errands. So this was to be great all around... Yea right!
I usually start in the morning and end somewhere around dinner time, then homework begins. SOO...
Needless to say I have children breaking down left and right all day long. But like I said it was all agreed on to try this out. So I'm running from room to room trying to explain things to one kid, fetching a bottle to satisfy my baby lady, finding a descent cartoon to occupy my toddler and racing back to make sure no flipped the computer to games. Phew... I swear I may loose some weight.
I'm interested to find out how other home schoolers accomplish this. Do I need to get more anal about my schedule, do I just give up say it's just not possible?? Not sure.
But today I felt like a neglectful mother I sat my two youngest to watch t.v for a minute at 9am and I just found them passed out in front of it at 3:30pm My goodness I forgot about them this entire day. I can't believe it! I'm so ashamed! I need to visit "Bad Mothers Anonymous" at The Homesteading Housewife blog!!! But on the bright side, since the little kids were watching God knows what and are now sleeping, we totally finished early! I owe them some serious kisses when they wake up! But not just yet, maybe I can get in a relaxing bath first! I know, I know that's bad.

One Goose A Layin.......

Well it's that time of year again, geese are back to business. I was hoping though one goose at least would lay me the "Golden Egg", but these are yummy enough! I can't wait til they all start pouring in! One great thing about raising poultry in so AZ no egg interruption! While in many other states they've stopped laying for the winter, here they lay straight thru with no external help from me. Below is a daily grab from my girls. It does slow down a bit but we ain't going without. Also this goose egg is small since this is it's first lay, I've been told, just like chickens. So I can't wait to see what is to come!


My one goose egg (at top) mixed in with chicken eggs and one duck egg. Yummy yummy breakfast!

Caitlin With Big Willy




Our Newbies



Ok apparently I was told wrong......They are Barred Rocks not Sussex... Oops! Thanks for the correction "cantcutter" .

Wait, Yes We Are Kidding!!

A couple of posts ago I had said we thought it looked as if Dora, our beloved goat, had kidded early. Not so!! Thankfully we immediately separated her from everyone because today we welcome our newest family member!!!

First and foremost I need to give a huge shout out to Fias Co Farm!! Thank you so much for your detailed step by step kidding directions. The video helped us so much, as this was our first kidding experience. If your new to goats and need any type of info on them, anything you could possibly think of, this is the site to see! (I'll place a link to the right of my blog.) I've been using this site even before I started raising goats. Plain simple info for the novice or anyone really.

So this morning I noticed "something" hanging from Doras' back end, immediately I knew. We hadn't lost the kid in a horrible accident. We were floored! I brought all children in so as to not disturb her labor. But they all watched out the window. She walked around quite a bit, we just stayed near by. She didn't really want us with her at that point. A couple hours later she went into the stall on her own, got to scratching and and then we heard her. Bing bam boom a kid is born. I'm so proud of her she did it all on her own!

Congratulations Dora we're all very proud of you both, we welcome your newest arrival.

Get To Know Me (My 25 Random)

I'm sure you've been hit a time or two by these chain e-mails from your "friends" but this one I thought would be a great blog post since I had so much fun writing it. Maybe you'll get to know me better, and hopefully you'll still come back.

"25 Random Things About Little Ol' Me."

This contains hopes and dreams, real facts, and just plain weird stuff. Read at your own risk!

1. My middle name is Ann (ugh)
2. I secretly love Cheetos in my peanut butter sandwiches *shh*
3. I've stolen the hearts of many (in my dreams)
4. I've won "Tony Awards" because of it (also in my dreams which is weird because I don't sing nor do I watch the Tony's)
5. I have told the kids it's later than it is just so they had to go to bed.
6. I am the stealer of the Oreo's (admitting it is the first step)
7. One day I hope to have my own business doing something. *anything*
8. One day I'll have to let go of my kids AND I WILL!
9. One day I hope to have five minutes alone in the bathroom
10. I secretly named one of my sons after the sexiest bull rider I've ever seen
11. I love insurance salesmen (whatever I'm running out of things)
12 Big Willy is my best son because he never says he hates me (one of my pigs)
13. I always buy generic prescription meds
14. Caitlin was everything I asked God for
15. Four kids is not enough I need a couple more but this time I'll be smart I'm going to adopt teens so they can babysit and clean!
16. I really do find it soothing to live simple
17. I save for things over just charging it
18. My house will be paid off by 2010
19. I will win the lotto this year
20. I blog because no one here cares to listen anymore.
21. I seriously love being a SAHM
22. Worst life decision moving to Cali straight outta school
23. Best life decision saying "hi" to the weird guy on the bus
24. My celeb guy crush: the guy from Dexter (who cares what his real name is he's cute!)
25. I don't thank God enough for my blessings.

Ok what just happened?????

What kids do to your body is just unfair! Ok I'm not totally blaming my kids, I know diet, lack of exercise, etc blah blah blah whatever! I just don't understand this, yesterday I was 21, cute and a little coordinated. Today I'm a thirty something year old who fell and just couldn't get up! First off the fall yes it was priceless to see for my kids. Funniest thing they ever saw. Mom never falls. So I understand the humor there. But oh my goodness the pain that followed is just ugh! I don't know how I fell (too busy falling) but for some reason my left arm, right ankle and knee, and just left the left side of my bootie are bruised. Badly! My kids are constantly falling off things with their daring ways, never do they pay for it days after the event. I fall one time in 20 years and I can't get up!!! Hubby rushed over to help me up and I just scream "don't touch me don't touch me!" Oh the pain!!! First off yes a little I was over dramatic cause I felt like an idiot and I needed a little sympathy from someone. Since the kids were too busy laughing their a**es off! (Damn kids where do they get their sick sense of humor from?! Oh wait nevermind..Ahem.) But I hurt so bad. I just know had this happened BP (before pregnancies) I would of jumped right up, laughed and went about my day. On the bright side had this happened after grand kids, I would of broke a hip or something. I guess it's all down hill from here. Age sucks!

It's A Perfect Fit!

Like most stay at home mommas, with a whole lotta "to do's" on our lists, it's hard to find the right money making avenue to take. I always say my contribution may not be making the money but I do stretch it. But man would I like to find a company that would let me go in late, work in my pj's or do it between naps, changings and home school. Not too many willing to do that. But that's what makes this my perfect fit! No it's not selling make up, or amway, it's doing this......BLOGGING! Now I know there's a lot of sites out there asking you "Blog For Money" but this company "PayingPost" is my pick. Let's face it in this economy we could all use a few extra in our pockets and we love to blog about things we like so I say give it a try. They pay via paypal so you can trust your info is safe. They always have opportunities for you to scoop up and make some money, so "get paid to blog!" We're doing it anyway, why not make some ching ching! If you have questions through it all they even have live chat!! How great is that, just another reason I chose PayingPost. To go directly to the site click" here". It's fast, it's friendly and I promise it's painless! Go check 'em out!