Kids are in Public School :(

Well, I did it.  I really did it....Things were getting to hard to handle.  Not just with the schooling but with life.  A hard choice had to be made.  And I made the choice to put the kids back into public school.  And now....

Now I regret it.  I hate that I have a house not filled with laughing, goofiness and silliness.  I miss it.  I hate asking them, "so what did you learn today" Because I have no idea!!  None.

I have no control over the lesson plan, I have no control over the hours for Anthony who needs extra breaks for his attention.  I feel like I threw them to the lions den.  Because I know its just a matter of time before the calls start.

I just felt so lost and helpless this year.  It started out completely new and different with the way the online part of school was.  And we fumbled and fumbled and tried.  But, it just got the best of me I guess.

Being behind put stress on me, which put a kink in my patience, which put an attitude in the kids.  I felt like we'd never catch up.  Or catch my breath.

Here's the funny thing though.  All my kids are at at least 80% in their level, ok.  The standards for our schooling is not what it is in their current public school.  You need a 60% and you're left alone and considered fine. What eva!  My youngest came home from school today and I asked "what did you learn in school today".....  "My teacher said the 'Earth is like a basketball'....."

Uhmmmm OK.....


"And thats it."

Well, you know the Earth is round.

"Yea, but the other kids didn't."

OK.  So my 1st graders class is just now learning that the Earth is round...  Isn't there something wrong with that?  Where I left off with him is the capitals of countries!  He knew all the continents by name and site by the end of Kinder!

UGH!!!  I could just scream!  My older son, Anthony{my 6th grader}, the one that was having trouble ALL THE TIME... yea well, now he's really going to get into trouble, because he says he's bored in class.  I checked his homework, and OMG, this is stuff Im was teaching Cody {my 4th grader.}.

I'm so regretting my decision.  But, I needed need a bit of a break.  Home schooling 4 kids with things the way they were was not healthy for any of us.  So for now, I must keep my mouth shut, smile and nod at this whole situation.

On the bright side my house has never been cleaner!  Well, until they come home.


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Moms watching you is not the same as Dads "watching" you...

The boys had a much needed day trip planned today with Dad. They were going to the lake to fish, swim and what not.. This was the first time I let my littlest boy go without me. But he begged and did such a great job at that I decided, reluctantly, to let my 6y/o little man go.

First off, Daddy is a good Daddy. But Dads aren't always "aware" like us Moms are. We know somethings gonna happen before it happens. We're always 3 steps in the future. We can see a potential hazards and do something before anything bad happens. Right...

Well, you would think my voice would be in his head saying "hmm, honey not such a good idea." But, you put 4 guys together and no matter the age, dumb shit happens.... Like sliding off the rock mountains into the lake. There's a big sign saying "DANGER" .... But boys will be boys, and dumb.

It also has a sign saying to wear shoes because of hooks..... but boys will be boys, and lazy.

But 2 near drownings and one hook in the foot later, all are safe at home sleeping and burnt....because Daddy also forgot the sunscreen.

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