Photoshop Help

Sorry, this isn't a post to help you LOL, I am so desperately in need of some guidance. I've gotten myself the free trial of the Photoshop CS5. My thought is, if Im gonna drop some serious cash down on a program I want it to do some kinda magic for me. This thing cost basically an arm and a leg...and your first born. Not sure why Im trying out this one, but Ive heard so many bloggers talk about the CS5 as if it were magical.

There is the Elements9 that is considerable less, but I thought I see what the hype was about.... So far I DON"T see it! Ugh it's so frustrating, I thought I'd be able to make my photos look amazing.. but not yet! I've downloaded some of the Pioneer Womans actions, those are awesome!

 If it weren't for the actions I would have no clue what to do!  In case you have no clue what Im talking about, an action is basically already set up for you, simply press play kinda thing.  It takes your pictures automatically thru everything.  You just do a bit adjusting with opacity %'s.

 I can't even figure out how to eliminate red eye...  I'm loving my XARA Photo & Graphic Designer soo much more.

Anyone know or have the CS5 or the Elements9?  Am I just dumb?  I've been to so many darn sites, where everything goes right over my head.  I need Photoshop for dummies, hmmmm  I haven't googled that one yet.  Holy cow! LOL there is such a thing.  {Sorry typing and searching}  I'll check this out, if you have anything at all that could help me :) I'd love you forever!

See Y'all Next Year!

Yay!  Christmas is almost here!  I hope you all have beautiful, family-filled fun day.

I'll still be out and about, just not posting, I have so many things to do with the kids. 

Arizona Sunset

We may not get snow, but the sunsets are just beautiful!

My son Anthony spotted it and took the shot.  I just had to share. :)

Christmas Crafts!

This year we did some crafts at my sisters, so we could leave the mess behind. LOL. I think it's a good trade, I buy everything and organize the kids and she gets the mess!

Just a few things to hang up...  they had such a good time.

Tomorrow starts our baking! Yum!

Here's a Video To Make You Apprieciate Your Own Children

Hee hee hee! I took this video of my sweet princess Caitlin, because I am sooo super tired {and deaf} from her fits. Hoping by seeing it, she'll realize how she acts.

.....After watching it, she was NOT happy with me!

Bitching and Hopping

I had my first "real" one on one with my sons teacher.....ugh!  I'm so damn frustrated.  OK my 1st grader really hated that he had to go back to school.  I didn't know this until lately.  I'm not sure if it's the environment, being away from me, having to be on a set schedule. I don't know.  But lately it's all he's done is complain. 

I've been getting notes sent home to me about his performance.  He can't spell simple words. ..... uh yea he can!  He can put words together to make a sentence...uh yea he can!  His writing is that of a Kindergartner ....uh OK yea it is.  But we're working on it.  All these complaints right.  So, when I get his work I look at it and I'm thinking this has to be from another student I know MY kid can spell that!  So I quiz him on the words.

On his paper it say "ur" {It's suppose to be for}  So I say spell "for"  he replies: F. O. R.

I say spell can, the, is, may... I go thru the whole dang thing asking him to spell them for me.  All but one he gets correct.

OK, so maybe he's not understanding the teacher, or her annunciation of it.  {She wear braces and has a lisp}...

Well, this continues for the next week so she asks me to come in.  Meanwhile, I'm like asking people to ask him random words to spell.  He does fine.  He reads the little books, does great.

So I get into his class and I'm ready to shut this lady up right.  I get him over and have him spell the same words he's been spelling to me...and he's like the dang frog from that cartoon that dances for the guy and then "Ribbit!" for everyone else.

He gets them all wrong!  UGH! So looking like a liar and a bad mom, I sit and listen.  While she brings in another teacher...  They all know they came from being home schooled so I feel like they're attacking the job I did.  Her excuse she kept using, "He's too young for the class.  He's the youngest in the grade, Oh well he's just young." 

I know he can do better and he does, only problem...  it's just with me.  I've had fellow home school moms say he wants me to take him out.  He misses me and he thinks by doing this, I'll school him again.   

So beyond frustrated!!  Ahh!  But I walked away with some nice advice how to help him and maybe hopefully by me being there more often it will help him.  I don't know.  It may hurt him more than help. 

Oh and hi!  if your new here from the hop.  Yes this is me :) I bitch and moan a lot. LOL  Read the "about me" if you'd like to know who what and why i am the way I am.  LOL Leave me a comment and ill be sure to visit you too!
{Psst. sometimes I'm funny too, }

PhotobucketThe Two Savvy Sisters Tell Us Something Good

Misikko High-Quality Salon Products

High-quality salon hair products at affordable prices! 

I have to do things a little different with this review.  I posting a bit backwards.   But I have to should you why Misikko is such a wonderful company.  They truly take pride in every aspect.

Just look at how I received my review items:

Presentation, wow!  Love that Misikko takes that extra step to ensure everyone feels completely special when it arrives.  Beautiful. 

But, the Misikko quality doesn't stop there.  Their professional line of salon products are the best.  Offering such names as Hana, Corioliss, Paul Mitchell, T3 Tourmaline, CHI, Croc and others.

Curling and flat irons, the best hair dryers, hair care, make-up and skin care all at some pretty deep discounts. 

Here are my favorite Holiday deals that are AMAZING!

*DELUXE* HANA-HANA Pro Iron + Travel Iron Gift Package
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  • Styling Iron Cleaner (4oz)
  • Scented Candle w/glass candle holder
  • Gift Pouch With Assorted Beauty Products