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Sorry, this isn't a post to help you LOL, I am so desperately in need of some guidance. I've gotten myself the free trial of the Photoshop CS5. My thought is, if Im gonna drop some serious cash down on a program I want it to do some kinda magic for me. This thing cost basically an arm and a leg...and your first born. Not sure why Im trying out this one, but Ive heard so many bloggers talk about the CS5 as if it were magical.

There is the Elements9 that is considerable less, but I thought I see what the hype was about.... So far I DON"T see it! Ugh it's so frustrating, I thought I'd be able to make my photos look amazing.. but not yet! I've downloaded some of the Pioneer Womans actions, those are awesome!

 If it weren't for the actions I would have no clue what to do!  In case you have no clue what Im talking about, an action is basically already set up for you, simply press play kinda thing.  It takes your pictures automatically thru everything.  You just do a bit adjusting with opacity %'s.

 I can't even figure out how to eliminate red eye...  I'm loving my XARA Photo & Graphic Designer soo much more.

Anyone know or have the CS5 or the Elements9?  Am I just dumb?  I've been to so many darn sites, where everything goes right over my head.  I need Photoshop for dummies, hmmmm  I haven't googled that one yet.  Holy cow! LOL there is such a thing.  {Sorry typing and searching}  I'll check this out, if you have anything at all that could help me :) I'd love you forever!

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Reena Jacobs said...

So I searched through your post and only found two questions:

*Anyone know or have the CS5 or the Elements9?
*Am I just dumb?

I'm thinking you want a little more than straight answers to those two questions. :) So, here goes.

I have PSE7. There's a learning curve. I wasn't able to open the program and do whatever I wanted. In fact, I'm still learning. However, I've found quite a few tutorials to help me do quite a few neat tricks.

PSE7 came free with my Intuos graphic tablet, so didn't cost anything extra. I'm able to follow most of the tutorials for Photoshop whether it's the CS or PSE version. Some CS features require a workaround with PSE. Others I haven't figured out how to accomplish particular tasks or if it's possible with PSE. But since I'm a novice with PSE, my results probably wouldn't turn out as sophisticated as the tutorials anyway.

Also, my job (SAHM and writer) doesn't rely on my graphic ability, though I'm trying to eek out some cover art. But anything I can think of in terms of cover art, PSE has the ability to accomplish even if I lack the skills. :)

Personally, I think PSE is suitable for most people's needs. GIMP (free) might even suit your needs. If you're an artist who relies on graphic software for a living, I might spurge on something like CS for all it's glory. Otherwise, I'd stick with something a little less expensive (PSE) or free (GIMP).

One thing to keep in mind is though Photoshop CS has all the bells and whistles, it doesn't mean the user has the know-how to use the product to its full potential.

Which ever product you pick, you'll still have to learn how to use the features for it to work to your advantage. However, once you learn the features from one software, you should be able to apply that knowledge to GIMP, PSE, or CS. All three products have quite a few similarities.

Good luck with your adventure. :)

Unknown said...

Basically I can't do anything but actions, LOL. I can't understand it. But, from what you said I'm feeling much better. It's not an open the box and go kinda program. {Phew} Sounds like I picked quite a challenge.

Thanks so much for your help :)

Reena Jacobs said...

Here's a tutorial for red eye which gives a couple of methods.

GossamerScapes said...

The best advice I can give you is to play without having a preconceived notion of what you want to come up with. As you learn how the different tools change your pictures, you'll figure out what you like, what you don't, and eventually how to get the program to do what you want. I've been working with photoshop off and on since high school (10 years ago! wow!) and I still don't know a lot of things about it. Experiment, have fun, and save often (with different names).

Sweet T Makes Three said...

New blog hop follower

Have you thought about CS2 or CS3? Lots more powerful than elements, but way cheaper than CS5.

Margaret said...

I use Elements and I love it so much also there is Gimp that is free and it works a lot like photoshop. Mess around with Gimp for awhile and then see how you feel about it.

Eliz Frank said...

Sending you and your best wishes for the New Year! Happy 2011!

Jen said...

I've nominated you for the stylish blogger award!
Please Accept! :)
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Does Elements have the actions? I'm going to try it and see the big diff between them, because I KNOW I can't need all CS5 has to offer. But it's fun playing with it.

@Jen: Thanks so much!!

Banteringblonde said...

I have elements but mostly I just use the basic commands ... I have actually found some really helpful tutorials on youtube... sorry I'm not much help! Happy New year!

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