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CSN Stores TOOL Review

I told you!  I said I picked an item you don't see a lot of on these Mommy blogs!  The Girly Tomboy, you were a little off. LOL But I probably could find all those things you listed! That's the beauty, there are over 200 CSN Stores online!  First let me go over just how easy it is to shop CSN.  When you find the area your interested in, say tools,  you have a column menu in each area of tools.  Their "Shop Easy" motto makes it a quick to the point shopping.  From power tools you have more choices to narrow your search!  When you get to the tool you would like, it shows you how many are instock, quality of the product, reviews, shipping info, how its shipped and the likelihood of it getting damaged!

Ok no more suspense...........

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EcoMom's All Natural Shaving Oil Review

I teamed up with EcoMom to review Pacific's All Natural Shaving Oil Ok so I didn't review this Hubs did.  Hubs has a very rough beard.  He's the type that needs a second round half way through the day...You know..

First off let me start by saying he's not really into those aerosol cans of foam (Dislikes their smells) he'd rather use soap and water or a rechargeable razor.

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Well, the great storm of 2010 has passed and most of clean up is done.  At least the outside.  I broke my vacuum trying to clean up all the glass in my sons room.  ....I guess I should of waited for the pros.  The insurance adjuster said to just rip it out and replace it.  Yea, well I have four kids and uhm... dogs...and cats...and a rabbit....the new carpet would never match!! So then we thought we wanted to change from carpet to wood anyways, maybe we should just take this as a start.   That may be the route if Mr.Pro Carpet cleanerman can't get out all the glass dust.  Really Im not sure what to do with the room.  The walls look like they've been glittered.  So much glass.  Chunks I can pick up, this stuff is so small and like I said, like glitter, what do you do with that to make it safe.

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Storm Damage 7/19/2010
2010 Tucson Monsoon Storm Damage
This is my sons room...the room I sent him into when the storm hit to close his window....  He got "scared" out 1SECOND before my neighbors horse shelter hit this side of my house and exploded into pieces...  That piece of wood is stuck in my little girls room...
2010 Tucson Monsoon Storm Damage
This is one of many glass shards stuck in his wall opposite of the window, next to the door he ran out of.
2010 Tucson Monsoon Storm Damage

The playhouse Hubs built the kids....More of the flying horse shelter....
2010 Tucson Monsoon Storm Damage
My poor chicken coop lost a roof and their yard all 12 4x4's snapped.  All chickens accounted for and given extra love.

This was by far the most terrifying storm I've ever been in.  I was alone with 4 kids.  Without power without phone without my big strong man to comfort me.  I have never felt wind that powerful.  My hallway was like a vacuum.  Glass is everywhere, glass powder everywhere.  Debris everywhere.  My neighbors lost roofs, outbuildings, fencing posts, and awnings.  But no one lost anything precious.  Lives.  All are safe.  Animals unscathed.

We're uncertain at whose to blame for the rain dance that day.....  Tucson Monsoon 7/19/2010

Eggo Real Fruit Pizza

Ok first off yum. Who wouldn't want to have pizza for breakfast? And unless your a single guy you probably don't.  Eggo just launched their Real Fruit Pizza and I was lucky enough to sample them.  I received Strawberry Granola and Mixed Berry Granola.

My first thought is Eggo kept is quick, convenient and tasty.  The pizza comes with its own microwave plate, which for me also doubles as their plate.  Takes about a minute to heat up and the older kids can make it themselves.  Morning it a big DIY mealtime.  I loved that it included granola. I could eat granola all day long. It gave it that crunch.  Fresh fruit topped it off, which to me makes me feel like my kids had good breakfast.

I'm a coffee girl for breakfast, but I gave it a go.  I'm usually multi-tasking in the morning and spend a lot of it right here on the computer.  Maybe I have some whole grain toast.  If I'm lucky Hubs cooks up his famous "bubble eggs".  For the most part I'm too busy to eat.  Well, I left my pizza about 30 minutes (initially to cool down) and when I went to eat it it wasn't at all what it was fresh and warm!  So my thoughts on that is, eat it when its warm!  Otherwise, its still good, I mean I still enjoyed it, but it tastes much better warm.  Also, its ended up not being solely a breakfast choice.  The kids really enjoyed them, a couple days later they chose it for their snack.

I would say this is probably in my top 3 microwave breakfast choices.  Just under their waffles.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Eggo Real Fruit Pizza and received a sample of the product and a $20 Amazon gift certificate to facilitate my review.”

Low Entry Giveaways..Means You Have Better Odds!!

Yes that's just common sense I know right?  So here's the thing every Wednesday I have Gimme Your Givies Link Up.  You have low or no entries?  Lets link them altogether so everyone will know where the best places are to win!!  Awesome I know. *high fives myself*

Well here are some givies Im holding that have low entries!  I'll bet you find something you'd love! 

Open Low Givies

**Also if you have entered any already.... I'm giving you fair warning, the day before the giveaway is to expire I will be going thru the comments making sure the MANDATORY ones are done, plus checking the tweet links.  And if you haven't verified the email to subscribe  remember to do so.  I have about 15 that haven't yet. Failure to do them will result in the deletion of your comment and entry.  Its only fair to everyone entering.☺

Good Luck All and a Huge Thank You to the Sponsors☺

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    Misikko Review and Giveaway

    I was so excited to have reviewed Misikkos hair care products!  Before I get into my review I want to thank Misikko for this opportunity.  Not only do they have awesome PR but when I recieved my package I was stunned! Just look...

    Misikko customer service Review by TheChickenista This is a company that takes pride in every step!  I'm reviewing the Chi Silk Infusion and the Hana Shine Shield. Everything else was just completely unexpected and simply lovely!!  So thank you very much Misikko!

    Product Information:

    CHI (Cationic Hydration Interlink) Silk Infusion is a leave in reconstructing treatment that's enriched with pure silk and is alcohol free.  For soft manageable hair with incredible shine and no build up and protects your hair against thermal styling and environment

    Hana Shine Shield is a thermal serum that can be used as a leave-in conditioner - lightweight and never greasy, it protects and strengthens hair whether you use it with a flat iron, hair dryer or alone. Shine Shield contains the natural magic of Jojoba oil for its superb qualities of deep moisturization, fast absorption into hair follicles and scalp, and unparalleled shimmer & shine.

    In addition to their great line of hair care products, Misikko sells top of the line salon tools. Such as the CHI Flat Iron, curling irons, skin and makeup products and the best hair dyers.

    My Review:

    I have dyed, curled, straightened done just about everything since I was 16y/o.  My hair has been through a lot a few changes.  But I try and take care of the damaging effects from the fads I go through.  I have tried many oil treatments, leave in treatments, conditioners, even a couple of "home remedies"...  Some worked a bit some not at all.  I sort of just figured it comes with the territory of being a girl who likes her hair styled.  I was very pleased with the results I got from using Misikkos Hair Care Line

    These 2 photos were taken to show you the proof.  I'm in absolute love with Hana Shine Shield and CHI Silk Infusion!  My hair felt softer, more manageable and it honestly looks so much healthier!  Ive gotten so many compliments on my hair.

    I used about a quarter sized amount just after washing.  Worked it in from root to tip.  Blew dried it out and ran my fingers through it.  It felt so soft! Then used the curling iron as usual.  In both pictures I did the exact same thing...minus the CHI and Hana products on the right.

    Misikko Review by TheChickenista
    Misikko Review by TheChickenista

    A little closer look. Click on the image is you wish to enlarge it. But I think you get a pretty good idea!
    Misikko Review by TheChickenistaMisikko Review by TheChickenista

    Psyched and Ready for your chance to win! 

    Rules Of The Giveaway:

    MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit Misikko and tell me your favorite product.

    Extra Entries:
    • Join Misikko’s newsletter (+3) **Leave Your Email**
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    ♥Please use this phrase when tweeting or FB♥
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    Leave a comment for each entry.  Example: If you 'join the newsletter' it's +3 so leave 3 comments(labeled 1, 2, 3) Leave your email address, if I can't get ahold of you I have to pick another.  Leave you twitter link if you tweeted, twitter name if you follow, facebook link if you make it your status, facebook name if you "like".

    Thanks and Good Luck All!
    ***************Giveaway Ends 8/8/10***************
    FTC Compliant: I received Chi Silk Infusion and the Hana Shine Shield free of charge for reviewing purpose.  I was not compensated in any way.  These are my thoughts and feelings and were in no way influenced.

    Find A Giveaway Easy

    Giveaway scout is a nice widget that has continous giveaways from all over this blogosphere! It fits on you homepage or right on your blog.  Its pretty neat!  If you go to GiveawayScout.com you can enter in a particular item your looking for and it will scour the web and search it out for you! All you have to do is enter the giveaway!

    Trendy Plus Sized Clothing Review & Giveaway!

    Alight Review by TheChickenistaAlight Review by TheChickenista

    Alight.com is a plus sized clothes online shop.  Their commitment for the last ten years have been to bring the latest and most fabulous trends to women sized 12-34.  They sell dresses, denim, shorts, tops, outerwear, swimwear, and more!

    After having 4 kids, I haven't really gotten back to my "me" size just yet.  So it's nice to find a store like Alight.com where I can still have those cute trendy clothes!

    Alight Review by TheChickenista
    I received a sweet little sun dress to review.  At first, I wasn't to crazy about the straps.  They kept falling over, but I decided to just tuck them and see how I felt.  I loved the design of it.  In this AZ heat a sundress was very welcomed!  The length is about mid thigh and the eyelet trim is so cute!  Overall I felt very pretty in my new dress!  Even with tucking the straps, which I prefer and am going to just alter, I would have to say this was a nice choice.

    There are so many sundresses, little black dresses, evening dresses....  Its a girls dream!
    Alight Review by TheChickenista

    Alight.com has generously offered a reader one item of Alight's choosing.  So thank you to them!!  Woo Hoo!

    **Mandatory Entry Sign up For Alight's newsletter and leave me the email you used.**
    **Without this entry you WILL NOT be elgible**

    ♥Extra Entries♥
    • Follow me on Google Friend (1 extra)
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    *Only acceptable phrases to put for FB and Twitter: (one tweet/status update per day)
    RT @TheChickenista Enter to win a fabulously trendy clothing item from @alightcom http://tinyurl.com/freealightcom

    Giveaway entries received until 8/07/2010 at 11:59pm

    **This will become my new home for R&G's.  TheChickenista will return to my personal blog about becoming self-sufficient, raising kids and home educating with the helpful links tips and tricks.

    FTC Compliant: I received the clothes  free of charge for reviewing purposes from Alight.com The Writings are my own opinion.

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