100th Day of School

Today is the school's 100th day of school.  My oldest son has his first dance today too.  Appropriately called "The 100th Day Dance."   He was kinda nervous, but he hasn't said so.  You can just tell.  He did wear his favorite button up shirt, it's a Orange County Choppers shirt LOL.

I hate to admit this, because I was such a huge butt about them returning to public school.... BUT  I'm actually glad I did.  Things have calmed down.  Both me AND Hubby have become more involved.  Making most all activities and becoming more of a voice for our children.  Instead of immediately taking the defense, we're opening a dialogue with the staff.   It's helped.  We're working on a great relationship with the principle especially. 

I'm very happy now because a lot of the feedback isn't negative about the kids.  We've addressed my sons ADHD and went about making sure his learning isn't compromised because of it.  My youngest is getting the hang of things too.  When at first it was very apparent he wanted to be home schooled, he's loosened up.
All 3 boys are involved with after school activities, so they're not home til 5:30pm.  Much needed break for me, and hugely needed interaction for them.

I'm glad we didn't give in and gave this a serious try.  I can't believe how far the school has come to meet us half way.  And vise versa.  Ultimately the children's education is what encouraged us all to play nicely.

So far so good.

I still really miss them.  It stinks that they come home with all these new ideas and learnings and I'm not the one responsible for it.  But that's my ego I think.   I still have the kids do projects with me.  Printouts and such on the weekends or breaks.  So I still have that little bit in my life.

A Princess without a Gown

Those were the words my daughter told me Monday.  She is a princess but she doesn't have a gown or crown.  It was the way she said it, soo sadly, it melted my heart!  So off we went to get material to make her a gown.  All the ladies at the store loved her.  She told everyone she was there to get her dress.  One of the ladies asked if she had her princess name yet.  She looked very concerned and then quickly smiled and yelled, "Princess Caitlin!"

She decided on these:

 Perfect!  I loved her choices.  Very girly.  Almost like a barbie gown.

Half way mark.  She's such a good model :)

She was very much a part of this whole project.  She loves pinning.  She can sit and be so content with it.  I have on occasion let her cut.  
 The finished gown. 
With the wrap.

Just perfect for my little princess! 
I could of bought a princess dress from the store for half what is cost me to make, but I loved the time spent with Caitlin and seeing it afterward I think we did a better job! LOL.