Need Advice! Help Please

So I went back to work as you all know. (Sorry for not having the time to post as often as I'd like... I have a lot to tell you all but just not the time to write it. There's not enought time in the day for working homeschooling and taking care of a home. But you know how that is.)

Here's my question.... I haven't changed my look in, well to tell you the truth, since ever! I've ALWAYS had long brown-black hair. Always! I try to change it a little. Up or down....Ponytail, bun, straightened, natural and loose...Thats the extent of my changing it. LOL. Being a busy mom I hardly have time to mess with it anyway.

But now that I'm working I want to try something new and different. So I went to this website that lets you download your picture and have a virtual makeover.. Mary-Kay. I love Mary Kay. You can try on makeup and pack your own compact to buy.

So here's what I would look like if I went blonde.

What do you think??? Does it fit me? Its a scary thing changing your hair!! Especially when your like me and barely cut off split ends..

Good Places To Put Your Tattoo....







But never thought of this one......

Conversation: "Sexy"

My conversation with my 4yr old son Wyatt:

"Can I say sexy Mama?"

"Uhmmm I think that's a big word for such a little guy, don't you?"

"Na ah, Daddy said it was a fine word."

"Well, tell me.. What is sexy?"

"Uhmm. Goin' on a date 'wiff' your lovey."

"And what is a sexy date?"

"Gettin' a soda and sharin' it"

"Uhh huh. Thats sounds nice."

"Watchin' a movie and sharin' da popcorn."

"What a fun date you will be. Then what? Do you kiss?"

"If she tries to kiss me I will say no! Jus' eat your popcorn!!"

"Is kissing bad?"

"No, well, she'll have to gimme a ring first."

"A ring for what, baby?"

"For her to marry me, then I'll kiss her when da man makes me."

"The man? You mean the priest?"


"Are you ready for all this... Dating, marriage kissing, popcorn business?"


"Ok then I think it's too big of word for such a little guy to say, don't you?"

"Yes, mama..... Can I say 'bootalks' (buttocks)"


Bucket Gardening

As you all know, my garden was a flop...again....*sniffle*. But, I just learned of this great technique! Bucket gardening! Living in the middle of nowhere its no wonder I have all these animals trying to get at my goodies. There's nothing else around for them to eat. But still, it must end.

I met a lady out here who has a wonderfully thriving garden... When asked how she does it? She showed me each one originated from a bucket. What she does is plant them in a 5 gallon bucket, place a pvc pipe down in it for water, cut some holes in the bottom of it to drain, makes the lid holes and puts the lid on nice and tight. Once their too big to cover with a lid, she cuts a hole in the lids center and lets them grow out and drape down. This stops the ground animals from thinking there's a buffet. She also has this really fine netting she puts over the top of the whole garden area that stops the birds from feasting! How smart is that!

Now, I know its too late to start planting many of my favorites, but there's always fall veggies! But, I think I'll just wait and prepare myself for spring. As busy as I am now working, homeschooling 4 kids, cleaning, cooking, playing good cop bad cop, blogging.... you know I may not have the time just yet to tend to it as I need to.

She also has a cheap and easy way to greenhouse! I'll share that another time!