Bucket Gardening

As you all know, my garden was a flop...again....*sniffle*. But, I just learned of this great technique! Bucket gardening! Living in the middle of nowhere its no wonder I have all these animals trying to get at my goodies. There's nothing else around for them to eat. But still, it must end.

I met a lady out here who has a wonderfully thriving garden... When asked how she does it? She showed me each one originated from a bucket. What she does is plant them in a 5 gallon bucket, place a pvc pipe down in it for water, cut some holes in the bottom of it to drain, makes the lid holes and puts the lid on nice and tight. Once their too big to cover with a lid, she cuts a hole in the lids center and lets them grow out and drape down. This stops the ground animals from thinking there's a buffet. She also has this really fine netting she puts over the top of the whole garden area that stops the birds from feasting! How smart is that!

Now, I know its too late to start planting many of my favorites, but there's always fall veggies! But, I think I'll just wait and prepare myself for spring. As busy as I am now working, homeschooling 4 kids, cleaning, cooking, playing good cop bad cop, blogging.... you know I may not have the time just yet to tend to it as I need to.

She also has a cheap and easy way to greenhouse! I'll share that another time!

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Katherine said...

When I first saw what you were writing about, I thought you meant the upside down planters - which I did two of. They actually grew - then one tomato broke off in a storm. The other is growing well, but no tomatoes!! Weird. So your idea is much MUCH better... I've not heard about this before but will certainly try it! If I had time, my garden would be much better. This year it was the pits. No cucumbers at ALL! But we did get a REAL PUMPKIN from an accidental planting of pumpkin seeds in my composter. Made bread this past weekend!

Tammy said...

We have problems with the animals eating our garden too. This is very interesting. I think I might even try it next year.

Frugal Vicki said...

It is a neat idea, I never would have thought of it.

Unknown said...

I've seen the upside down ones, where you hang them and they grow out the bottom right. Yea, this was new to me and I just think it was so smart!

Catherine Anne said...

Love this!

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