I See Dead Poultry!

Well, yes we butchered our lovely chickens....but I didn't take pictures of the act like I had wanted to. Mainly because we started at 3:30am setting up and we knew we wanted to be done ASAP. AZ gets hot very early and you dont want to be killing in the heat. So since we had a butt load of chickens to do, and it was just us, I couldnt be photographer and participate at the same time. Sorry :( Next time my sister said she would man the camera for us..... Yea we'll see. She may just pass out and film the ground. LOL.

Things were going smooth. The two older boys would go to the coop and each fetch us a bird. I'd grab the legs while Hubby had the head and chopped. We'd let the bird go and do its thing then hang it up side down while we did the next. So on and so forth. We hang them by rope on like a clothes line. Take the rope and just twist it around the feet and the tension holds them. But I'll tell you, by the time number 11 was on that rope it was dam near the ground. These were heavy birds!! I thought 5lbs. but I think I underestimated them. Our arms were tired!!

After we finished Hubby did the feathers while I did the butchering inside. Now, we decided to skin them and just keep the breasts and legs/thighs. Its how we cook. Its also a lot easier. I didn't have to mess with the guts and icky crap this time. Nice. But next time it may be different I may keep the whole bird for roasting.

I took some pictures after we bagged them up and you'll see what I mean! These were huge chickens!! I bagged in fours instead of six since their so big.

chicken slaughterchicken slaughterchicken slaughter

They Brought It On Themselves

Our first slaughtering of the new year is here!!  Woot woot!  Very pleased with how soon were able to do this.  We ordered Jumbo X's this time around and boy oh boy did they live up to everything the hatchery said!!  Usually we'd be slaughtering around Fall or Winter time but these big guys are already ready.  I'd say about 5lbs.  Solid.  Easy.

Now about this time I'd be getting nervous and feeling a lil guilty about having to butcher them.... but these guys are kinda mean....  OK they're really bad tempered!!  And they eat our eggs, and each other..  and well you get the picture.  No these are not flock rooster by any means!  My "King Shit", as I like to refer to him, has been with our flock since the get go.  He's in charge of all his ladies.  And does a darn good job of it.  But ever since the new boys came to town he's almost losing his King Shit status.  Not cool.  And Little Shit, his trusty sidekick cock, has been attacked.

I like to keep a cool vibe in the coop.  And for the most part it had been.  But these new roosters came into size and age.  They're trying to bully everyone.  It could be that we went overboard in ordering so many roosters, but cant cage them individually.  And Momma wants her meat!

Tomorrow morning bright and early, (U_U ugh), a slaughtering we will go. Hi ho hi ho.  I'm gonna try and get some good pictures but I'm depending on my camera phone now.  And its been a bit testy with me.  I need to break down and just buy a camera, but until then its what I got.

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Jaron And The Long Road To Love

Very funny song and video. The ultimate f*** you break up song.

Steps To Motherhood


All we can think about for those 9 months is who will my beautiful new baby look like. I can't wait to wrap my arms around them and just snuggle them.

We rock them and sing them to sleep the sweetest songs. Holding them and dreaming of what it will be like to raise them into a successful adult.


They eat.... Boy can they EAT!! You'll find yourself shopping for groceries and spending more time in the store than you spend with any other human on earth! The clerk knows you better than your husband. And if your kids are anything like mine the clerk already knows what to put back... The 50 candy bars that "mysteriously" end up on your order..

Us moms can do it all. And we want to. You'll find yourself just waiting for the summer months you can BBQ...why?? Well silly, because after spending your paycheck on all those groceries only about half actually make it into their mouths. The rest end up on your freshly mopped floor. Outside well... get a dog. They NEVER go hungry!

Your purse sort of becomes your second medicine cabinet. Everything from neosporin and band aids to aspirins and wet naps. Making finding your keys almost a miracle!!

Kids love helping around the house.... You'll find them wanting to help in the most weirdest of ways. Like washing money cause your constantly saying "Don't put that dirty money in your mouth!" Oh you'd be surprised at the things you'll find in that washer!

Ah yes, Motherhood.... Its a wonderful idea.

What makes us keeping going is simple. Kids rock, especially the ones you can give back to their parents.  They are a reflection of ourselves,  so if we don't like what we see well....  Plus, you know we all gotta get old and we need someone there to change our diapers eventually!


Have A Rockin' Mothers Day Weekend!!

Mothers Day Re-Post

*This is a re-post from TheChickenista© 2009*
Aprils almost at an end and do you know whats coming up??? You better know! It's our day Whoo Hoo! I don't have many male readers but nevertheless, I'm posting a "what the hell was he thinking post."

After all we ladies do for our men and kids...

-the months of being uncomfortable and clumsy,
-the hours of childbirth,
-the years of never-ending laundry,
-being peed on, (those boys I swear aim right for the face but then cant hit a toliet?)
-the hemmoroids,
-the stretch marks,
-baby proofing,
-the screaming and crying,
-multi-middle-of-the-night wake up calls,
-breast feeding,
-fixing up broken toys & broken hearts,
-the thousands of band aids and neosporin
-the trips to the dr's to remove something you still can't figure out how they got it in there let alone why??

After all this and much much more we are rewarded for our hardwork with a day...One measley 24 hour period.

But we're gratful nonetheless. And boy do I look forward to it!

So why do guys notoriously mess this day up?? My Hubby's great about "my" days but there have been times I've ask "What the hell were you thinking?? This is MY day not YOURS"

Here's some Dontcha even think about it!

10. Don't take us to the lake to fish save that for your day
09. Don't buy a cheap-last-minute-make-no-sense-pertaining-to-us card! We're not old people sitting on a bench!
08. Don't buy those cheesy little off the street bouquets on your way home, buy my favorite flowers
07. Don't buy the mothers ring that was on "sale". Put out the extra dough for our kids birth stones (if ya don't know.. ask)
06. Save the "Greatest Mom in the World" cup for your kids to give. I'm not your Mom.
05. Don't take me to your favorite resturant. Save the Hooters trip for your day
04. A gun safe really isn't a good Mothers Day gift. Yes it's keeps the kids safer but this is MY day. Momma don't want no gun safe!
03. Don't leave the kids with me all day. Yes, I became of Mother because of them but don't mean I wanna spend the whole day with em
02. Don't not wake me up before 9am unless you have breakfast in bed planned. My day. I sleep in.
01. Don't forget the day! Write it on a post it and glue it to your forehead if thats what it takes. Put this day: May 9 in your blackberry. Have a friend remind you. Unless that friend is a man then your just screwed.

Mothers Day Post... Chickenista Style

It's coming!  The mother of all days, the day you better have marked on your calendar. ...  (Psst.... it's this Sunday)  Mothers Day! Woot woot! My favorite of days.  Not just because I get breakfast in bed (maybe), not because its my lazy day (yea right), not because I get fab flowers and gifts (LOL Pft!).. No, because I have the best Mom in the world!!  And I get to be a dork about it!

Ive written a couple of posts on my Mom... In case you missed them or whatever, here is the jest.  My Mom was a SAHM, she taught me everything I know.  From tying my shoes to how to be an awesome Mom (I still have a lot to learn).  Shes a rock.  Strongest woman I know.  These past years Moms been sick.  She has Diabetes and complications from that.  Put it this way, Im grateful each day Im blessed to have her.  I know this disease basically there is no recovering just maintaining and adjusting.  I've watched her go from never sitting down to bed ridden. It literally takes you piece by piece.

But...this isnt gonna be a sad post.  Your thankful for what God gives you and try your hardest to understand what he doesn't. 

I think after having been a Mom for the last *ahem* years I have a little advice in me for those new moms or those wanting to become a Mom.

Things You Need To Know Before..

Can you function on two hours of quality sleep?

Can you function with only having sex a couple of times a week month .....  hmmm....  18 years is a long time.

Can you handle blood and guts, bumps, bruises, bones sticking out?

The word Mom is like music to your ears IF that music is turned all the way up and stuck on repeat....and follows you everywhere.

Can you poop with an audience... yes they even follow you in there.

There are no refunds or exchanges.

Can you multi-task?  I dont mean text while you shop.  I mean showering while making dinner, changing a diaper, breaking up a fight and nurse?

Can you go hours a day without using correct grammar?

You Know Your An Experienced Mom When....

Your kids obviously about to fall and you sit back and just wait so you can you the phrase, "I told you not to climb it!"

Your kid gets a bump and you pull out frozen peas, because you dont waste your money on the silly ice packs no more.

Who ever gets you what you need done first becomes your favorite.  And your not ashamed to tell the other kids.

You no longer worry and leave phone numbers and emergency contacts with your babysitter.  You just run out the door and yell, "Dial 911 if you need anything!"

Advice from and Mom to her daughter:
this portion is an exert from here

Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
But teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the whole weekend.

Anxious on Discovery Health

I just finished watching Anxious on Disc Health....... wow. Its sad to see such a mirror vision of yourself and how others are affected by it. Another reason I'm thankful to have such an incredible support system. Without Hubby pushing me past "my limits", my safe zone would still be my property and nothing more. My day would be filled with the fear of a returning attack or the attack itself. Followed by tears and finally sleep.

Hearing the stories on TV brought back so many memories of what I went through, and in some cases are still going through. Like the prep before leaving the house. I needed at least a couple of hours notice. I couldn't just zoom out the door. If I was rushed I'd have an attack. I had to take a paper bag just in case I started to feel my hands or lips go numb, hyperventilating... lovely. I needed water just in case I got nausea from nerves. My super chill pills, aka lorazapam. Then that was just the start of the trip. From my house to town is about 15 miles. But it might as well be a far as the moon. Nothing but desert for the first 5, a fire house and a couple of convenience stores. I would mentally map out my stops just in case. Where I could go if I started to get that feeling. Nothing like pulling over on the side of the road and needing to "walk it off" in front of your kids. What they must think of crazy ole Mom. Now I'm, for the most part, able to go anywhere.  I still need my pills, I never leave home without them.  I even drove to the lake...... in the dark.... by myself!!!  Well, Hubby was driving the truck right in front of me, but still!    I went camping and all without needing a pill.  Huge huge steps for me.  Considering its only been a year.  It was our first time out that far too. 

But like I said little by little push by push, its gotten a lot better. I still have them, just not daily. I still have no idea why they come on or what triggers them.  I could be in church, at home, a store or driving.  No rhyme no reason. 

Also, I've been hanging on to the same last 7 pills for the last few months.*applause*... I work through most all my attacks now. Pill- free. Either by breathing, walking, training my focus on something else or a combo of them.   It is in no way easy. No way! It takes a lot.  But what can you do.  You have to get your life back. You have to get you back.  But most importantly you have to get your kids mom back.  When I feel like I have nothing more to give, I have to find it somewhere inside.   Sort of like labor.....you know when the Dr. says, " I see the head!!  Big push now!"  And your thinking,  "look man Ive been giving you big pushes for the last 15 hours!!  Leave me alone!!  I can't do it anymore!"  But you reach beyond anything you thought you had and pop that sucker out lickity split.  Yea like that. 

Panic attacks are hard to describe and even harder for an outsider to believe and understand.. A feeling of shear fear, helplessness and hopelessness. Your world is minimized to practically nothing. A once outgoing, bubbly social person becomes quiet and alone.  It steals your very essence... What makes you  you is suddenly gone.  And you have no idea how to get it back.