Back To School Shopping

It's getting nearer.... Back to school time! Now just because I home school doesn't mean we miss all these great deals. We still need supplies the kids all need new clothes and especially now is the perfect time. Sales galore! So take advantage of everything! Here's some great deals offered by Paypal. Most us bloggers use paypal so it just makes sense to post their deals. So many more so click the image to go check out the rest.

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My New Job Update

So I just started my In Home Care this week and it went very very well! I'm just loving it. I met up with two of the families and met the kids. The biggest part those meetings that stood out was wow how well behaved these kids were. Anytime anyone comes to visit me my children bounce off the walls and fight in front of company, interrupt the adults get the picture. But these little guys were so respectful and I actually got to carry on a conversation.

Though I didn't get to do any Care yet for the kids this week I did have a couple with CP I cared for. I learned a lot from them. I have a cousin with CP so I was expecting to see that stage of CP.. I had no idea there are different stages. My cousin is completely non-verbal and non- mobile. She's as old as me but has the mentality of a baby. The couple too were at different stages. One is completely independent and wouldn't know she has it, and he is in between. But still very independent.

I did some light cleaning, laundry, and just basically visited. Of course there was "personal care" as well. My main job was to be sure she was comfortable since she just had surgery. I told them they spoiled me because it was just so easy and comfy there. Todays my day off and I enjoyed working so much I kinda wish I was right now.. I've gone crazy I know.

Leaving the kids was hard the first couple times, they were all I thought of. But it's getting easier. My baby lady wanted to go she didn't understand mama and work. Its foreign to all of us. I know I'm not the only SAHM that had to join the workforce after years of staying home. Especially right now. But Hubby, kids and home still come first.

~*♥Welcome To My Animals Page!♥*~

Working with animals has been a huge learning experience for me and my family. Its had its ups and down, pros and cons. Ideally this would be the way for the world again, but we've become a little too accustomed to convience. The meats fresher healthier and happier. Yes we kill our animals, yes it was hard first go rounds, but I'll tell you what I've never had better tasting food! It makes such a difference having a clean animal on your plate vs whatever it was from the store. We've all seen those inside documentaries from slaughter houses. I feel bad for those animals. No chance to run and play, be petted and loved. We dont inject anything into our animals bodies, we treat naturally and lovingly as it should be. Right up to the day we... well you know...... Don't worry we're safe around here, if we're in the pig pen petting some and then go to the chicken coop and hold one, we wash our hands first.... To prevent cross contamination..... Don't want to mix pork and chicken. Thats dangerous.... Ok bad joke. Enjoy our videos and pictures and comment me with any questions. If I don't know, I know tons of people who would ♥
 ********I'm always adding new ones so be sure to check back and watch our progress**********

Angel Food Ministries

Theres no getting around the fact that these are hard times for many Americans. Unemployment is at an all time high, but somehow the cost for food has managed to go up and up. Whats an average family to do? Thankfully there is a helping hand out there for you. Its called Angel Food Ministries.

"In 1994, Pastors Joe and Linda Wingo found their hearts going out to the families of many of the local families in Monroe, GA, affected by the recent industrial plant closings. On their back porch, the first Angel Food distribution fed 34 families. Over the next years, other churches wanted to be get involved, and Angel Food began feeding hundreds of families across the southeast. Now, Angel Food feeds over 500,000 families a month in 35 states. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness!"

"Blessings by the box
Angel Food is available in a quantity that can fit into a medium-sized box at $30 per unit. Each month's menu is different than the previous month and consists of both fresh and frozen items with an average retail value of approximately $60. Comparison shopping has been done across the country in various communities using a wide range of retail grocery stores and has resulted in the same food items costing from between $42 and $78.
Generally, one unit of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month. The food is all the same high quality one could purchase at a grocery store. There are no second-hand items, no damaged or out-dated goods, no dented cans without labels, no day-old breads and no produce that is almost too ripe.
Also offered are specialty boxes such as steaks, chicken and pork. Many participants in this bonus program appreciate the expanded choices. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of units or bonus foods an individual can receive, and there are no applications to complete or qualifications to which participants must adhere. Angel Food Ministries also participates in the U.S. Food Stamp program, using the Off-Line Food Stamp Voucher system.

In these tough economic times its awesome to know your family won't go hungry thanks to people like Pastors Joe and Linda Wingo!


Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest
Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest

Enter to win an IZEAFest 2009 pass for the whole event. You'll get passes to the Kickoff Party at Busch Gardens Tampa on Thursday October 1, 2009 and The Blogger Takeover day at SeaWorld on Sunday October 4, 2009. You'll also get into the nightly parties at Howl At The Moon and Icebar!!

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There's also runner up prize packs!

Schools Gonna Have To Wait

I haven't posted posted anything for awhile, sorry. But I've tried to make you giggle a little while I was gone. I've been trying to figure out if I should go ahead with the school or get a job..... Things are getting a little outta our price range now. LOL So I opted for the job.

When Hubby came off the road to drive locally we had no idea what a cut in pay it would be.. Try 40k less!! Yea, and since our bills didn't go down any, I bit the bullet and got a job!

I was really nervous with the anxiety being a problem. But (knock on wood) it's been great! I don't know how to explain it but the first day of meeting everyone it was such a different feeling of "normal" nervousness vs the panicking I've been feeling. That was a great change. When before I could leave my driveway without the necessary pills, paper bag and water. I made it clear across town an hour drive... perfectly fine (again knock on wood).

So this is my new job, I know your just dying to know. Aren't you? Well I'm telling you anyways. I'll be doing Respite Care for children with disabilities. If you don't know what that is, cause I didn't, I'll tell ya. Respite Care is In-Home Care for adults/kids who are being taking care of at home as opposed to a hospital or rehab. I give the main caregivers a break. In my case the parents. They may need to go shopping, pay bills, run errands, or just need a break. So, I go and almost like babysit. I guess, is how I see it.

I'm doing all my certifications this week and next week I get to go meet the families. I already know a little about them and their disabilities so I've been searching the Internet to learn more on it. One little guy is 5 and has autism and then there's a brother and sister that have decreased muscle tone. I wanted to find some things on the Internet to prepare myself and my activities I'll plan to do with them. I'm putting together a "project box". Things we can make together. I'd hate to bore them LOL. But I won't know their capabilities/ restrictions until next week. Until then I'm just planning away in my head.

I'm so excited this is my first 'outta the house' job in years! I better change my "SAHM"♥

Not The Run Of Mill Veggie Garden

I have been trying to grow anything in my poor dirt lot I'm calling a garden. But although my green thumb seems to have been non existent these funny veggie pictures lift my spirits! Anyone else having trouble this season?? Take a gander at these babies and tell me your not glad one of these didn't pop up!!

Could you imagine trying to explain what you grew to your kids?!

What would you say???....

Potato patch baby?

Not sure what this way to be..... I'll call it a gloveion (I know its not an onion)

These two would have me at a loss.....

Not sure I could even eat them!!

Men Will Be Men

Mike was attending his 4X4 club's monthly meeting and had just told them he couldn't make the camping trip scheduled for the next day because his wife wouldn't let him go.

After listening to the jeers and other derisive remarks from his fellow 4X4 friends Mike left to go back home to his wife.

When Mike's friends started arriving to set up camp the next day, who should be there but Mike sitting up in front of his truck, tent up, fishing rod in hand, camp oven roast stewing away in a hot bed of coals.

"How did ya talk your wife into letting you go Mike?"

"I didn't have to" was Mike's reply. "When I left the meeting I went home and slumped down in my chair with a beer to drown my sorrows. Then my wife snuck up behind me and covered my eyes and said, 'Surprise'!"

When I peeled her hands back she was standing there in a beautiful see - through negligee and she said, "Carry me into the bedroom, tie me to the bed and you can do whatever you want."

So here I am!

Lay Feed Crumble

For the last couple of trips to the feed store Hubby and I got into the habit of just buying COB sweet mix. Which is corn, oats and barley in molasses. It started out as they ran out of our favorite feed so we tried this COB mix.... Guy said it would be ok to give all our animals..... Then it was more affordable for the minute. Here's what we learned yes it's fine in a pinch, its a lot cheaper than buying separate feed. But our chickens productivity has really slowed down, plus certain animals require certain minerals etc. So the goats have torn up trees after what ever it is their body is missing. So bottom line, quite expensive lesson. A few extra bucks per bag is worth not having the loss of eggs and trees.♥

What Have You Brought To Life?


We live in a very "tech forward" world. So many things can be accomplished now than ever before. From diagnosing your child's ailments to ordering gourmet popcorn from across the country or the world for that matter! Today's conveniences have really given all of us a little extra time to use else where.

When I first married my Hubby I really wasn't into cooking. I couldn't make but the basics. Ground beef, a veggie and a potato. Not really that creative or healthy!

Since having use of the Internet I consider myself to be another person when it comes to cooking. If there's something I have a craving for or more importantly Hubby, all I have to do is search web for the recipes. No more "uhhh what's that?" I know exactly how to find out what it is and how to make it! A lot more of what I cook is healthy too. No more going out to eat our favorites.

Another great advantage I have found using the Internet, is when our family decided to start to grow and raise our own food. Being city folk we had no clue what went into outbuildings, their feed and care. I researched what animals were a good fit for our situation and needs. Then, I researched every thing I needed to know about those animals. I even ordered some via the internet! I learned from how to bring up farm babies to slaughter just with a click of my mouse.

These are a couple ways we've brought our family's quality to life! What did digital tools bring to life for you?? Has it brought you and an old flame together via a social network?? Save gas by ordering stuff online? What ever it is Charter wants to know! In their awesome contest, “Tell Us How You Do It.”

If you are a Charter Communication's customer whether it be phone, internet or cable, the company wants to know how you live your digital life. Each week Charter is giving away either a 15” laptop or a 52” HDTV to one lucky customer that tells their story. Then at the end of the promotion, Charter will be giving away a package of one 52” HFTV, one 15” Laptop, and a free year of the Charter Bundle with includes Digital Cable with HD and a DVR, Charter High-Speed Internet and Charter Telephone!

Entry is simple go to: Charter and submit your story. You can enter with your photos or video. Anything that shows them how you use your digital tools.

FYI alert: Last year Charter gave away laptops and Xbox 360 game systems and one lucky customer drove away a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid!!

Did you know that Charter is on Facebook? Go check them out!


Monday Blues

♥Just something to bring you up if your having a Blue Monday♥

Traveling down the interstate and needing to use the restroom, I stop at a rest area and head to the restroom........

I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall saying: "Hi, how are you?"

I'm not the type to start a conversation in the restroom, and I don't know what got into me, but
I answered, somewhat embarrassed, "Doin' just fine!"

And the other person says: "So what are you up to?"

What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre so I say: "Uhhh, I'm like you, just traveling!"

At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I hear another question. "Can I come over?"

Ok, this question is just too weird for me, but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation. I tell them "No..I'm a little busy right now!!!"

Then I hear the person say nervously... "Listen, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!!"

♥I just hate when people use their cellphones anywhere but sometimes it turns out too funny to believe♥

Anxiety UGH!

So, in the end of May I was told I had anxiety......
I wasn't feeling well and I had asked my Hubby to take me to the ER. On our way there I noticed my hands getting numb, lips and feet went numb to. I freaked out Hubby freaked out. We ran red lights, sure I was having a stroke or something. I run into the ER and since my lips were numb my words came out kinda funny. They took me into the back and asked my history, etc. One lady gave me a bag to breathe into and said I was hyper-ventilating...... Yea right I thought, I'm having a friggin stroke! But, it worked. The feeling came back to my extremities and I was feeling a lot better.

The DR. asked if I ever had anxiety attacks. I said no. Have you ever felt uneasy in a place for no reason he asked. Of course I said. Turns out what I've been feeling since God knows when was small anxiety attacks. Hmmm interesting. He gave me some meds and sent me on my way. After many tests showed I was fine.

Now it seems darn near everyday since I have attacks. For no reason. I can be sitting at home comfy and watching TV and boom! I have to get up, walk around the property, deep breathe and try to calm myself. If Hubby's there, I lie on his chest and breathe with him. He holds me and massage my shoulders. Sometimes it works sometimes I just need a pill. Problem with the pills are they knock me out! I've downgraded myself to half a mg. Because I can't be passing out every time I take my "chill" pill. That's the perfect amount for me. Unless it's full blown, hyper ventilating and then its 1mg.

Funny thing is, when I'm having an attack I swear I'm gonna die. I think OMG this is a heart attack and no ones catching it.. Something isn't right... I've even called an ambulance a couple of times. They all say the same thing as the ER dr. and my dr. I'm fine... It's a panic attack. SO I felt dumb for calling.

I feel like I'm going crazy. I hate feeling like this. I wish I could just "get over it". They also put me on anti- depression meds. Which I never thought I was depressed. I always thought of me as an uppy type. Goofy and happy. Now that I started taking those fuckers if I miss a dose I cry for no reason???? Totally not me. So, I'm getting off those. It's the attacks that are making me depressed I think. Who wants to be panicking all the time. I can't even go down the street without taking my pill bottle with me, some water and a paper bag "just in case".

It really interrupts your life. I was having a blast at the bowling alley with the family and outta nowhere I get one right in front of everyone. Church, the most calming place of all, got one there.

I went my whole life just fine, then outta nowhere I get this. It's confusing...

I'm learning as I go, finding whatever I can on this. So far, it's just telling myself "everythings ok. this too will pass."

Armani Exchange

Did you know the Armani Exchange has New Premium Denim starting at just $98! Yes I said Armani! Giorgio Armani has designed an affordable store inspired by street-chic culture, fashionable dance music and everything that signifies freedom and personal style! And oh so sexy!

I visited Armani Exchange online and fell immediately in love with it! They offer not only jeans but cute tops, dresses, shoes, jewelry for both men and women. I found so many different outfits that I just have to have!

To give you an idea of what Armani Exchange has I thought I would share my fantastic finds!

Here are my top 3 favorite jeans:

A|X Wing Skinny Fit stretch denim with gold lurex® embroidered wings on the back pockets. Soo cute! The A|X Wing Skinny Fit is the ultimate must have jean... You know wearing these you'll just scream sexy, but because they're stretch you'll also be very comfortable and breathe.
These are the Harem Jeans with a pleated waist and zippered cuffs. These would look great with those comfy summer sandals and even just a tank. I'll be ready for any summer outing!
Finally, the Embroidered Skinny Flare Fit with contrast lurex® embroidered chevron on the back pocket! Super sexy jeans right here! I love this jean because they're boot cut. I think this type of jean is the most universal! Because you can wear a boot, wedge or heel sandal with them.

We girls love jeans don't we! Dress them up with one of your favorite cute tops or just throw on a tee. Either way the denim makes the outfit! A must have staple in any ones closet!

Right now the Armani Exchange is having a text A|X contest SMS campaign. It's simple to enter for your chance to win a pair of denim every day for the month of July. Just text the keyword DENIM2 to ARMANI (276264). Plus if you sign up with the Armani instant messaging you'll be the first to know when the latest styles are out and special offers.

To make things even better, as if they could. If you purchase a full price pair of denim jeans from the Armani Exchange,in store or online, between 7/7/09 – 7/19/09 you will receive a gift card of $20 off your next purchase of $100 or more that will be valid from 7/30/09 til 8/15/09!

Be sure to check out the A|X Blog!


♥ Entrecard Drop List ♥

Everyday I drop away.... Riding the "ec train", or a quick drop site depending on my mood and time available. But here's my problem.... The quick drop sites are sometimes filled with blogs that haven't updated in months ( I like to read the blogs or at least skim) or aren't participating anymore .. So help me grow to my 300 Please ♥

Just comment me with your url and I'll add you... If you'd like to use my drop list, your welcomed to do so... Not only do they drop back, they have great posts!

HINT: If you have Mozilla and the Linky add on it really saves time. I use that and open 20 at a time.

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Arizona Monsoon Part 2

We seldom get good storms out here where it floods.... But still when we get these monsoons, it's all any Arizonan can talk about!


Great for the lemon tree.... Not so great for the yard.....

We loved just sitting outside, a break from the high temps and burning sun.....

Blu Frog Contest!

BluFrog is a new drink that gives you energy in a healthy way! It has real fruit, tons of vitamins, lower carbs, less sugars than the leading competitors! And there's no crash unlike most energy drinks. An amazing new healthy energy drink with no artificial ingredients! Did I mention they are yummy too!! Love it! You know me always looking for the natural products. I've found a favorite right here!

Right now BluFrog is having a killer contest with amazing prizes! They are giving away an XBOX 360 Ultimate Gaming Package, trips to either New York or Chicago, a Richard Petty racing experience, and a trip to the Winter X Games!

Personally, I would love to win the Richard Petty Experience. Huge NASCAR fans here! I would just love to see Hubby's face after riding in one of those! Gotta get a new camera for that one! Although, the kids would probably want the Ultimate Gaming Package. An XBox 360 with Rock Band 2! Cody would be in heaven. He's our little guitarist.

Whatever your dream experience is I'm sure you'll find it here! You can enter up to 3 times and don't forget to tweet to win and increase your chances! See their website for full detail and official contest rules.

Don't forget to pick up your case of the new Blu Frog healthy energy drink!


Feeling A Little Bit Trailer Park

As I had posted a while back we're on an energy conservation program with our electricity co op. Which means we use the bulk of our electricity during "off peak" hours which are mainly early morning or night/eveningish. During the hottest part of the day we're charged a much higher rate to use it. So no AC..... But with it being in the 100's here and our fans just not cutting it we needed to do something!

As I promised Hubby "no more pools", the kids destroyed 2 pools in 2 years, I thought of a better idea.... Our own fun water park!

I took a bunch of broke down things and made them into a water wonderland. Our old pool with all its rips. Layed it flat. Then I took an old slide and hook it to an old table. Took a sprinkler and hooked it to a hose, placed that in the center of the pool and one hose I hooked to the slide. Then I took a shovel and made a little path for the water run off. And ta da!

Let me just say OMG! I'm a friggin genius. It was awesome I even had to get in it. We all had a blast. It cooled us off......But.....When I stood back and looked at it.... I felt a little bit trailer.. All this broke down stuff kinda just thrown together.

I'm gonna miss these years when the kids don't care what they have or don't have or what things look like...

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