Schools Gonna Have To Wait

I haven't posted posted anything for awhile, sorry. But I've tried to make you giggle a little while I was gone. I've been trying to figure out if I should go ahead with the school or get a job..... Things are getting a little outta our price range now. LOL So I opted for the job.

When Hubby came off the road to drive locally we had no idea what a cut in pay it would be.. Try 40k less!! Yea, and since our bills didn't go down any, I bit the bullet and got a job!

I was really nervous with the anxiety being a problem. But (knock on wood) it's been great! I don't know how to explain it but the first day of meeting everyone it was such a different feeling of "normal" nervousness vs the panicking I've been feeling. That was a great change. When before I could leave my driveway without the necessary pills, paper bag and water. I made it clear across town an hour drive... perfectly fine (again knock on wood).

So this is my new job, I know your just dying to know. Aren't you? Well I'm telling you anyways. I'll be doing Respite Care for children with disabilities. If you don't know what that is, cause I didn't, I'll tell ya. Respite Care is In-Home Care for adults/kids who are being taking care of at home as opposed to a hospital or rehab. I give the main caregivers a break. In my case the parents. They may need to go shopping, pay bills, run errands, or just need a break. So, I go and almost like babysit. I guess, is how I see it.

I'm doing all my certifications this week and next week I get to go meet the families. I already know a little about them and their disabilities so I've been searching the Internet to learn more on it. One little guy is 5 and has autism and then there's a brother and sister that have decreased muscle tone. I wanted to find some things on the Internet to prepare myself and my activities I'll plan to do with them. I'm putting together a "project box". Things we can make together. I'd hate to bore them LOL. But I won't know their capabilities/ restrictions until next week. Until then I'm just planning away in my head.

I'm so excited this is my first 'outta the house' job in years! I better change my "SAHM"♥

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