Food Update!

These pictures are kind of hard to make out, sorry. But if you click on them they'll get a lot bigger. *I used my camera phone*

As far as our "garden" goes.....Well, looks like we'll be eating just green beans *sad face*

Our green beans seem to be the only things popping up. Along with a couple cucumbers. Anthony actually planted this row, so I joked and said he has the green thumb of the family. He ended up replanting for us. But still no other sprouts..Hmmm. Not sure what the deal is there.

And like I said they're hard to see, but if you look closely you'll see two green eggs. One at top and one at bottom. Bad lighting + bad camera = ugh! These we're just gathered today, still living hand to chicken butt... A family of six really needs a minimum of 50 hens I think. We did well last year. Ahh there was enough even to give out. This year with half the flock, please. As much as my kids love eggs, hand to chicken butt I tell you.

Now, I finally got the call our hogs were ready!! WooHoo!! This is how we made out. Two hogs: 493 lbs of meat about 188 lbs in bone and the rest was fat. Which I opted to keep all of the fat. Yum! I make beans darn near daily around here and I love putting pork fat into it. It's a wonder we're not a lot fatter. Total for everything $531.17 that's kill fee, processing and packing fees. Not bad I say. My freezer runneth over. Well not quite it can hold over 700lbs. But still, we are pleased.

I will be dreaming of the ribs, chops, bacon, sausage.....till it gets here! To bad we won't have it til next payday. Figures we get the call at the same time mortgage is due. LOL

Did I make ya hungry??

4 Sweet Comments:

Banteringblonde said...

mmm love bacon. never made my own beans.... is that sad?

Tim said...

It SOOO makes me hungry. I put bacon in my green beans for flavor too!

This so makes me wish I still lived with my grandparents on the farm. Hand to butt I tell ya, too funny!

Im a following now!

Thanks for the sweet comments!

Love and Prayers,


Grace said...

I wonder why chicken eggs from the backyard don't have the same colors. Ours are usually cream, white or brown. You have green ones :)

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