My New Job Update

So I just started my In Home Care this week and it went very very well! I'm just loving it. I met up with two of the families and met the kids. The biggest part those meetings that stood out was wow how well behaved these kids were. Anytime anyone comes to visit me my children bounce off the walls and fight in front of company, interrupt the adults get the picture. But these little guys were so respectful and I actually got to carry on a conversation.

Though I didn't get to do any Care yet for the kids this week I did have a couple with CP I cared for. I learned a lot from them. I have a cousin with CP so I was expecting to see that stage of CP.. I had no idea there are different stages. My cousin is completely non-verbal and non- mobile. She's as old as me but has the mentality of a baby. The couple too were at different stages. One is completely independent and wouldn't know she has it, and he is in between. But still very independent.

I did some light cleaning, laundry, and just basically visited. Of course there was "personal care" as well. My main job was to be sure she was comfortable since she just had surgery. I told them they spoiled me because it was just so easy and comfy there. Todays my day off and I enjoyed working so much I kinda wish I was right now.. I've gone crazy I know.

Leaving the kids was hard the first couple times, they were all I thought of. But it's getting easier. My baby lady wanted to go she didn't understand mama and work. Its foreign to all of us. I know I'm not the only SAHM that had to join the workforce after years of staying home. Especially right now. But Hubby, kids and home still come first.

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