Anxiety UGH!

So, in the end of May I was told I had anxiety......
I wasn't feeling well and I had asked my Hubby to take me to the ER. On our way there I noticed my hands getting numb, lips and feet went numb to. I freaked out Hubby freaked out. We ran red lights, sure I was having a stroke or something. I run into the ER and since my lips were numb my words came out kinda funny. They took me into the back and asked my history, etc. One lady gave me a bag to breathe into and said I was hyper-ventilating...... Yea right I thought, I'm having a friggin stroke! But, it worked. The feeling came back to my extremities and I was feeling a lot better.

The DR. asked if I ever had anxiety attacks. I said no. Have you ever felt uneasy in a place for no reason he asked. Of course I said. Turns out what I've been feeling since God knows when was small anxiety attacks. Hmmm interesting. He gave me some meds and sent me on my way. After many tests showed I was fine.

Now it seems darn near everyday since I have attacks. For no reason. I can be sitting at home comfy and watching TV and boom! I have to get up, walk around the property, deep breathe and try to calm myself. If Hubby's there, I lie on his chest and breathe with him. He holds me and massage my shoulders. Sometimes it works sometimes I just need a pill. Problem with the pills are they knock me out! I've downgraded myself to half a mg. Because I can't be passing out every time I take my "chill" pill. That's the perfect amount for me. Unless it's full blown, hyper ventilating and then its 1mg.

Funny thing is, when I'm having an attack I swear I'm gonna die. I think OMG this is a heart attack and no ones catching it.. Something isn't right... I've even called an ambulance a couple of times. They all say the same thing as the ER dr. and my dr. I'm fine... It's a panic attack. SO I felt dumb for calling.

I feel like I'm going crazy. I hate feeling like this. I wish I could just "get over it". They also put me on anti- depression meds. Which I never thought I was depressed. I always thought of me as an uppy type. Goofy and happy. Now that I started taking those fuckers if I miss a dose I cry for no reason???? Totally not me. So, I'm getting off those. It's the attacks that are making me depressed I think. Who wants to be panicking all the time. I can't even go down the street without taking my pill bottle with me, some water and a paper bag "just in case".

It really interrupts your life. I was having a blast at the bowling alley with the family and outta nowhere I get one right in front of everyone. Church, the most calming place of all, got one there.

I went my whole life just fine, then outta nowhere I get this. It's confusing...

I'm learning as I go, finding whatever I can on this. So far, it's just telling myself "everythings ok. this too will pass."

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Duni said...

I'm sorry you're suffering from anxiety. I used to suffer bad around ten years ago. I have also learned to control them, and to avoid certain situations which bring them on. Like too loud noise. I have been so much better since moved out to the country :)

I hope you won't be needing any pills soon. Take care,


Grampy said...

My wife and I both have anxiety attacks. Mine are mild. She has learned to fight them. Now that you know what they are you need to confront them. My wife has the I'm going blind thing. She stops and tells herself no I am not. I wasn't blind a minute ago and I am not now. They then pass.
I can't go into a used book store. I still do but can't stay long.
Try different things to see what works for you.
Hope it goes well for you.

A Lil Enchanted said...

What a horrible experience... I hope you are able to find some ways to control it soon. Maybe keep a journal of what you are doing when they occur to help you figure out what brings them on. Hang in there it will get better!

A Lil Enchanted,

Unknown said...

Thanks so much. It's the "it will pass" I need to accept and not thinking I'm "dying". As silly as that sounds.
I had no idea how many people actually suffer from this til I started doing a little reading. But knowing others have conquered it really gives me relief. And doing it pill-free is unimaginable.

Maria said...

Anxiety is such a common problem especially nowadays. Hmmm... I wonder why. Our lives are so stress filled. I know so many people who have rushed to the ER thinking they were having a heart attack. Glad you are OK!

Anna said...

I don't generally have anxiety attacks, but I do get panic attacks. They are usually caused by large crowds in enclosed places or public speaking. Definitely keep a diary of where and when your attacks occur so that you can learn what to avoid. Take care and yes, "This too shall pass". (My mom's favorite piece of advice.)

Unknown said...

i have suffered a few anxiety attacks. they are definitely scary! my mom and my son suffer from them continually. my mom takes some medicine for it, but my son just rides it out.

Unknown said...

I've heard age, gender, occupation none of it matters. Everyone is susceptible to this. Hubby still doesn't understand. He says everyone gets "stressed" have a beer LOL. I try to explain its not that easy yet.

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