Feeling A Little Bit Trailer Park

As I had posted a while back we're on an energy conservation program with our electricity co op. Which means we use the bulk of our electricity during "off peak" hours which are mainly early morning or night/eveningish. During the hottest part of the day we're charged a much higher rate to use it. So no AC..... But with it being in the 100's here and our fans just not cutting it we needed to do something!

As I promised Hubby "no more pools", the kids destroyed 2 pools in 2 years, I thought of a better idea.... Our own fun water park!

I took a bunch of broke down things and made them into a water wonderland. Our old pool with all its rips. Layed it flat. Then I took an old slide and hook it to an old table. Took a sprinkler and hooked it to a hose, placed that in the center of the pool and one hose I hooked to the slide. Then I took a shovel and made a little path for the water run off. And ta da!

Let me just say OMG! I'm a friggin genius. It was awesome I even had to get in it. We all had a blast. It cooled us off......But.....When I stood back and looked at it.... I felt a little bit trailer.. All this broke down stuff kinda just thrown together.

I'm gonna miss these years when the kids don't care what they have or don't have or what things look like...

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