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Working with animals has been a huge learning experience for me and my family. Its had its ups and down, pros and cons. Ideally this would be the way for the world again, but we've become a little too accustomed to convience. The meats fresher healthier and happier. Yes we kill our animals, yes it was hard first go rounds, but I'll tell you what I've never had better tasting food! It makes such a difference having a clean animal on your plate vs whatever it was from the store. We've all seen those inside documentaries from slaughter houses. I feel bad for those animals. No chance to run and play, be petted and loved. We dont inject anything into our animals bodies, we treat naturally and lovingly as it should be. Right up to the day we... well you know...... Don't worry we're safe around here, if we're in the pig pen petting some and then go to the chicken coop and hold one, we wash our hands first.... To prevent cross contamination..... Don't want to mix pork and chicken. Thats dangerous.... Ok bad joke. Enjoy our videos and pictures and comment me with any questions. If I don't know, I know tons of people who would ♥
 ********I'm always adding new ones so be sure to check back and watch our progress**********

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