What Have You Brought To Life?


We live in a very "tech forward" world. So many things can be accomplished now than ever before. From diagnosing your child's ailments to ordering gourmet popcorn from across the country or the world for that matter! Today's conveniences have really given all of us a little extra time to use else where.

When I first married my Hubby I really wasn't into cooking. I couldn't make but the basics. Ground beef, a veggie and a potato. Not really that creative or healthy!

Since having use of the Internet I consider myself to be another person when it comes to cooking. If there's something I have a craving for or more importantly Hubby, all I have to do is search web for the recipes. No more "uhhh what's that?" I know exactly how to find out what it is and how to make it! A lot more of what I cook is healthy too. No more going out to eat our favorites.

Another great advantage I have found using the Internet, is when our family decided to start to grow and raise our own food. Being city folk we had no clue what went into outbuildings, their feed and care. I researched what animals were a good fit for our situation and needs. Then, I researched every thing I needed to know about those animals. I even ordered some via the internet! I learned from how to bring up farm babies to slaughter just with a click of my mouse.

These are a couple ways we've brought our family's quality to life! What did digital tools bring to life for you?? Has it brought you and an old flame together via a social network?? Save gas by ordering stuff online? What ever it is Charter wants to know! In their awesome contest, “Tell Us How You Do It.”

If you are a Charter Communication's customer whether it be phone, internet or cable, the company wants to know how you live your digital life. Each week Charter is giving away either a 15” laptop or a 52” HDTV to one lucky customer that tells their story. Then at the end of the promotion, Charter will be giving away a package of one 52” HFTV, one 15” Laptop, and a free year of the Charter Bundle with includes Digital Cable with HD and a DVR, Charter High-Speed Internet and Charter Telephone!

Entry is simple go to: Charter and submit your story. You can enter with your photos or video. Anything that shows them how you use your digital tools.

FYI alert: Last year Charter gave away laptops and Xbox 360 game systems and one lucky customer drove away a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid!!

Did you know that Charter is on Facebook? Go check them out!


4 Sweet Comments:

Unknown said...

I love technology. It is in every facet of my life. If I'm not online via computer, I have my cell with me. If I put my cell down and walk away, I get the shakes. I don't even want to think about being without it. Ugh.

Banteringblonde said...

I'm a tech freak ... we went camping and I had to check and see if in the middle of the rocky mountain national forest I would get access..... I DID!!!!! that is about all i have to say on this subject!

Unknown said...

Its amazing how you never know how important it is until you dont have it!!

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