Our Hour

Our Hour

Our Hour

We're made it all 60 minutes. No injuries. No fire. How did you spend yours?

More Awards To Give♥

I had a wonderful surprise Friday by two of my bloggy friends. I'm so honored to have been in thought of these wonderful ladies.

I've only just started a few months ago, but I've already made some great friends. Not only that but to have them give me an award just makes me feel accepted and loved.♥ Thank you all so much!

The first award comes from Tina at Mummy Diaries Just reading it's meaning means so much.
Tina is a "Mum" to two beautiful boys and is from the UK. A truely beautiful blog.

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

With this award I am to list 10 honest things about myself. Then pass the honor on..

Here are my 10 honest things:

10.) I am a middle child
09.) I've always wanted a large family
08.) I've been married twice (1st time was to my high school sweetheart at 17 for 3 yrs, then my real love & father of my children at 23.)
07.) I believe in old fashion values (family laughs that 'I don't date. I marry.' Since I've only had two serious relationships. I think I just lucked out)
08.) I was baptized in the water, then at 16 in the blood.
06.) My family is my greatest achievment and always will be.
05.) Biggest irritaion/pet peeve/whatever is listening to people eat.
04.) I want to have more children and cry sometimes because I can't
03.) I love to watch LMN
02.) I have to watch my soap opera Y&R everyday!
01.) I hate my ears so I always wear my hair down if I go out.

The Scrap Award goes to....

Counrty Whispers Yummy Recipes I believe are brilliant.
Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Brilliant Home schooling blog!
The Story of A Princess and her Hair Brilliant hairstyles for girls

This next award is from Shannon
This award lets you know you have friends out there! If you've never read Shannon Blogs Here you must! The button on my top right is for her son. This May 2nd she will be walking for the March for Babies in honor of her son.

I'm going to do this one a little different...
*************TO ALL MY SISTERS OUT THERE*****************
·.¸¸,ø¤º+°*»`♥´«*°+º¤ø,¸¸. ·♥ ·.¸¸,ø¤º+°*»«*°º¤ø,¸♥¸. · ·.¸¸,ø¤º°+*»` ♥´«*°º¤ø,¸¸. ·
·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»`♥´«*°º¤ø,¸¸. ·♥ ·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»«*°º¤ø,¸♥¸. · ·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»` ♥´«*°º¤ø,¸¸. ·
(¯`·. ·'¯) ·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»`♥´«(¯`·.·'¯) ·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»`♥´« (¯`·. ·'¯)
**` ·., ·´ * ·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»`♥´«*` ·.,·´* ·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»`♥´«**` ·., ·´
·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»`♥´«*°º¤ø,¸¸. ·♥ ·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»«*°º¤ø,¸♥¸. · ·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»` ♥´«*°º¤ø,¸¸. ·
·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»`♥´«*°º¤ø,¸¸. ·♥ ·.¸¸,ø¤º°*»«*°º¤ø,¸♥¸. · ·.¸¸,ø¤º+°*»` ♥´«*°º¤ø,¸¸. ·

I would like to give this one to all whom I follow and follow me. Even if I've already honored your blog! I enjoy all your blogs and try to read them everyday with my cup of coffee.

Tonights The Night

Please be one of the millions participating in tonights Earth Hour. It's one hour. You can click on the Earth Hour widget on the right hand side to see all the places participating and videos of the events so far...

Go Ahead......Pamper Yourself...And Your Clothes!

There's nothing better than falling into bed with freshly washed linens after a hard days work.....

I'm not one that is big on laundry, but when I have the smell of Snuggle™ I look forward to those piles. Now add in the two new scents, Jojoba Essence and Sweet Almond Essence, I may never have dirty clothes pile up again! Snuggle Crème™ adds a luxury to laundry. Now these scents are available in dryer sheets as well!

Guys don't notice our new hairstyle or even our new clothes. But I know when I've just used Snuggle™ in the wash and Hubby puts on those jeans, he can tell! It's not only the smell but the feel of your clothes that we love!

Right now Snuggle™ is giving out coupons to try their new scents. You can click on the top left hand of this blog and grabs your today!! Available in 32, 50 or 150 load bottles and you choice of 70 or 105 count dryer sheets.

Go ahead and pamper yourself.......and your clothes!

What Are We Doing With Our Children?

Out here we're trying to live basic right?? Today I got to thinking how basic can we be living if we have satellite TV, computers, cell phones, video games for the kids...the answer is not basic at all.

Then that got me to thinking of all the "new" childhood problems we have now. Obesity, diabetes, asthma.... why?? Today more than ever we are concerned about our children.

We no longer spank (or at least not in public)
So they get away with what they shouldn't
We baby even our teens
So they don't learn responsibility
We make sure they have equal play time even if they suck
So they don't learn competition and never try to be the best
We've got air purifiers, water filters
So their bodies can't tolerate dust!
I mean the list goes on!

What happened to parenting? And what about 'new' parenting could have effect on the children of today? We are raising our future here right??

Generations of past grew up fine. Through competition we learned to grasp the bigger picture and aim for something higher. Through spankings we learned respect. We didn't have bottled waters, lattes, XBox, 100+ channels. We rode bikes, played baseball, got out of the house! I think Saturdays we had four cartoons to watch early morning. Smurfs, Flintstones, Jetsons, and Masters of the Universe...... Now cartoons are on 24/7! And if you had one drink of your parents coffee you spit it out! Now tweens are drinking it, like they need more energy!

Vacations for us were camping, fishing and hiking. Now its resorts and more places with cable!

I hate to say it but when we were younger, who were the kids who didn't know the first thing about sports.. Or had all these allergies....Or watched TV all day?? You know what I'm talking about. So why are we doing this to our kids?

Just makes you think....

Trashy Thursday Part 4

Oh how glad I am this is the last Thursday! While I successfully kept whatever it was from tearing my bags open, the smell is still very strong. Duh! I know. The first picture is all trash, not a much as I thought I'd have.

This second picture is of recyclable items. Cardboard, newspaper, glass, alunimum.
I wish I could say these were biodegradable bags but I just found out they make those!! After we run out of these I'm going to try them. Hopefully they hold and don't break. If you use these let me know how they stand up.

Now this last picture I've been very excited with. It's our garden! I can't wait to start planting!! But of course we had to wait til the compost was ready and mixed in real well. It's finally ready!

This turned out pretty simple as far as separating the recycle items and reusing veggie scraps tree clippings and manure for a compost. I really think the children learned a great deal. The hardest part was dealing with the smell. But that was only when we walked in there to drop off trash or take photos. Otherwise its so far away from everything no one could tell.

Any little bit helps.

Earth Hour 2009 This Saturday!!!!

CLICK THE LINK----------------------------------------------------->

Calling On Friends

I was awarded this from Jackie as The Painted Veil . I think it's a wonderful award because it says so much about the blogger not just the blog...

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."


I truely feel lucky that I have so many wonderful bloggy friends. Which is going to make this very hard in finding my special eight.

Jodi from Olivia and Logan
On the Verge
Tina from Mummy Diaries
Dana from The Homesteading Housewife
Jennifer from The Extreme Housewife
Fiona from TheBantering Blonde
Stacie from Thoughts on Everything and Nothing
Lucy and Ethel from The Suite Life of Lucy and Ethel

These are my eight. It was very difficult choosing them, because I really love all the blogs I follow and subscribe to. But these I just felt derserved this award a little more. Go read and you'll understand. From funny and off their rocker (you know who you are:) to heart warming and inspirational. And everything in between. There's a little of it all here.

Thank you again Jackie!!♥♥

Amazing Iraq War Hero

I recieved this today from a dear friend and I must do more than spam email it to my family and friends. I have family right now in Iraq fighting, and I know how important it is to understand it's more than just a war. For me when I think war, I picture what I've seen in movies or news clips. I don't picture the softer side.
And we should.

Here's what I recieved.

"John works at the Cargill plant in Eddyville Iowa .

Wouldn't it be fitting if this went completely around the world!......

This needs to make headline news...not some of the other junk that makes the news these days!!! Like the Rosie O'Donell war of words...celeb weddings.....who's not wearing undies...etc.

If you agree, please pass this along.

It's a tough, but heartwarming story...with a picture of John Gebhardt in Iraq .


John Gebhardt's wife, Mindy, said that this little girl's entire family was executed... The insurgents intended to execute the little girl also, and shot her in the head...but they failed to kill her. She was cared for in John's hospital and is healing up, but continues to cry and moan. The nurses said John is the only one who seems to calm her down, so John has spent the last four nights holding her while they both slept in that chair. The girl is coming along with her healing.

He is a real Star of the war, and represents what America is trying to do.

This, my friends, is worth sharing. Go for it!! You'll never see things like this in the news. Please keep this going. Nothing will happen if you don't, but the American public needs to see pictures like this and needs to realize that what we're doing over there is making a difference. Even if it is just one little girl at a time.

James Gates"

Who's Up For A BBQ... In About A Month!

Well we did it. We made up our minds. We're slaughtering Big Willy. I'm not sad anymore about it though. I come to realization that this was what we intended him to be, and it must be done. Raising animals is hard work, but letting them go is harder. I must say we love him very much and will miss him. But, for us, this was the only choice we had. So wipe away my tears and be happy he was one of the lucky ones. He led a great fun life and will always be remembered.

Now on to my topic... Hubby and I decided to find a butcher but, that ended up being no easy task. I called every meat place listed in the phone book. There is no such thing as butcher in our yellow pages. Our only option was to have a guy, that lives down the road a ways, come and shoot him and teach us to cut it up for like $100. But it being Big Willy we didn't really want to. So my mission was to find someone to do it for us.

I got a hold of this carniceria, which is meat market in Spanish, and they only spoke well Spanish. But, the guy did say to call him the next morning and he would set it up. I called, he wasn't there. I called another and the woman said to try the University of AZ Ag Dept. I thought that's weird, but maybe they knew of a place. So I left a message.

Today I got a call back!! Turns out they butcher there. Who knew! Obviously not me! She explained to me the prices, I think are fair. Those that are more familiar let me know!

$.69/lb table weight
$45. kill fee (puts them to sleep, LOVE that, painless)
$10 curing
breakfast sausages incl.
Specialty sausage extra

$100 flat for my goat

Plus, she vacuum seals it, not just freezer paper like at the butchers!
So our appointment is on the 8th, and it takes 6wks to get everything back. We're taking in Big Willy, another pig and a goat.
I was sold, so was Hubby! I love that Big Willy will be put down humanly, not possibly tortured with a bullet not hitting the right area. I'll leave that up to the skilled professionals! I'm not hunter.

Some people may find this horrible, that I could think of such things when dealing with a family "friend". But keep in mind this was no easy choice, I'm learning as I go. I wasn't raised around animals besides dogs. So I just thought of them as "food". No feelings. Now that I've raised them from babyhood to butcher time, I give a lot of props to those who do this for a living. You almost have to distance your heart from them a little. I give them the best home I can, we all give them TONS of attention, and when it does come time for them, believe me I don't think it will get easier, but what must be done will be.

Twouble Twitters - Funny Twitter Video

While on twitter I had this link come across:

Trashy Thursdays

Well today is Trashy Thursday, and I am pleased with our progress but disgusted by the smell! It's warming up here in sunny AZ and OMG it's getting nasty in there! Because it doesn't have a completed roof I've got flies galore! Plus apparently something was able to get in. The bags were all torn and I spent the morning putting the trash back in bags. Thank goodness I've got only 12 days left of this genius project of mine. What was I thinking???

On a positive note, the kids are realizing just how much we dump into the earth. Since recycling they've also noticed how much we could prevent. We ended up having way more recyclables than I thought we would have. So I ended up putting them into plastic bags.

Recycled items

Trash Week 3

I've Hit The Big Time!

St Patricks Day Comments

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MeOnMag.com

Ok what gave it away?? The "Seventeen" thing.. I knew I should went with Playboy, much more believable right?! Wait, why are you laughing? Ok stop laughing....

Well, anyway, I found this fake magazine cover generator and I thought I'd give it a whirl. It's the middle child in me needing attention I think.
I just love these darn things! Shannon did one on hers, "what kind of soda are you." So, I just had to post my results!

You'll Have 5 True Loves

For you, love is a feeling that lingers for really long time - even after a relationship is totally over.

In fact, you still make have strong feelings for the first person you fell in love with.

You usually are reluctant to end relationships. And sometimes you're the last to know that things are ending!

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 5

You are most compatible with people born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th of the month.

Won't Hubby be thrilled.

Your Karaoke Theme Song is "I'm Too Sexy"

You're a total goof ball and a bit of a nut job. You don't take yourself seriously at all.

And while you may not be the greatest singer, you're the first to volunteer for karaoke.

You have a wild and unpredictable sense of humor that always gets people cracking up.

Irreverent and rebellious, your humor knows no bounds or limits. You enjoy shocking people.

You might also sing: "Like a Virgin," "Ice Ice Baby," and "Hey Ya!"

Stay away from people who sing: "Sweet Home Alabama"

That's half my in-laws I must stay away from!
.......Wait did they just call me a nut job?

When You Raise Your Food They Show You Love!

This was just such a happy surprise! I was making dinner tonight and I went to flip my chicken over and got a real treat! I know I'm not a chef or a photographer but I just had to show you this. I guess I could of wiped the side of the plate, but I was in a hurry to post this. I know...... my life is empty if I find this my highlight of the day.

I love my chickens and feed them well, and even when their gone they show me love!


I'm saving this piece for Hubby after work tonight!

Another Award!!

I recieved this award from my friend Fiona aka the Bantering Blonde. An Awesome Blog and oh so dang on funny! You have to go see her, you'll be a reader for life. Trust me it's one to subscribe to! Well, this is an award that shows great attitude or gratitude! I'm speakless. I can only say Thank You!


The rules of this award:

1) Put the logo on your blog or post.
2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.
3) Link to your nominees within your post.
4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5) Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award.

I have so many terrific blogs I read!! I give this award to:

Blessed mama of 3

Decorative Writings

For the Love of Baby

Hillbilly Woman

Country Whispers

Making Do With The Not So New

Shannon Blog Here

Psych Patient MD
Homeschooling Fun

Crazy Mom With 4 Boys

Another Fun Tag

This is fun!Here's a game of tag I haven't seen before. Do you know the #1 song the day you were born? Go to here and look up the #1 song for your birth date. Then forward and add your name at the bottom of the list and put the name of the song beside it!
Kate-Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees
Heather - Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb
Lynnette - "You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone
Michelle -"Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves" by Cher
Chele - "Paperback Writer" - by The Beatles
Monica -I'm Sorry - by Brenda Lee
Marylet- The Ballad of Davy Crockett-by Bill Hayes ( OK, I'm old!)
Cindy- Autumn Leaves by Roger Williams
Debbie - Secret Love by Doris Day
Sheila Hang on Sloopy by The MCoys
Lori "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" by The Fifth Dimension
Debbie N.- Secret Love by Doris Day
Tom - Paper Doll by the Mills Bros.
Ann "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" by Vera Lynn
Adrienne - " We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye" by Guy Lombardo
Diane--- Oh! What It Seemed To Be " by Frankie Carle ( I have not a clue to this one )
Mickie - Paper Doll by The Mills Bros.
Sherry - Scatter Brain by Frankie Masters (never heard it before)
Lucinda -Tennesee waltz by patty page
Sandy-Ill never smile again by Tommy Dorsey
Judith-All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
Arlene - A Tisket, a Tasket,,,boy am I old.
Dixie - I Saw Stars...Freddy Martin
Rick- "The Chipmunk Song" by David Seville & the Chipmunks Go-FIGURE
Kelly- "Love Me Tender" by Elvis Presley (I got a good one!)
Linda - Some Enchanted Evening ... Perry Como
Marilyn - Cruisin' Down the River by Russ Morgan
Helen- Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief - Betty Hutton (what?)
Ann-Party Doll by Buddy Knox (??????????)
Joan - Sonny Boy by Al JolsonKathy "to each his own" by Eddy Howard
Sandy C. - "Peg of my Heart" by the Harmonicals
Terry G. "That Lucky Old Son" by Frankie Laine
Anne M - "Woody Woodpecker" - now that's bad!!
Linda R - "Manana (is Soon Enough For Me)" by Peggy Lee
Rita B. - Calcutta by Lawrence Welk
Amy N. - "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder
Grayling H. Because of You by Tony Bennett
Kenny - Where is your heart by P Faith
SHERRY Z. "You Belong to Me" by Jo Stafford
Gail K from Iowa - The Old Lamplighter - Sammy Kaye
Kim K. from Iowa - "Hello, I Love You" by The Doors
Patti R. - "It's All in the Game" by Tommy Edwards
Donna T. - "Hard-Headed Woman" by Elvis Presley (1958)
Mary C. - "Amapola" (Pretty Little Poppy) by Jimmy Dorsey
pat Nichols Tuxedo Junction by Glenn MillerSueAnn T. "Near You" by Francis CraigBill H - Ballad of Davy Crockett
Ann H - Love Letters in the Sand by Pat Boone (never heard of it) I guess I am now in the old as dirt club
Teri B - "St. George and the Dragonet" by Stan Freberg - How scary is that?
Diane N - The Wayward Wind by Gogi Grant (huh?)
Filomena - "Everybody's Somebody's20Fool" by Connie Francis
Kim D.= " Lisbon Antiqua"
Liz A. "Johnny Angel" by Shelley Fabares
Marie D. - "Yesterday" by The BeatlesKriss B-So Much In Love by the Tymes (what the heck is that?)
Amy S.- The Joker by The Steve Miller Band
Diane H. - Feel Like Making Love by Roberta Flack
Amy O.- Shining Star by Earth ,wind and fire....hmmm coincidence????I think not lol
Roberta C. Lean On Me by Bill WintersMari ... "At the Hop" by Danny & the Juniors
June: Chattanoogie Shoeshine Boy by Red Foley (Now that's Old)
Peggy: Mack the knife by Bobby Darin
Mary: All Shook Up by Elvis Presley
Terry – Treat Me Nice/ Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley
Ellen - Singing the Blues by Guy Mitchell ???
Phillie - It's Been A Long, Long Time - Harry James Orchestra
Ann - If By Perry ComoRachel--good night
Irene--Groden Jenken &the WeaverPam - Where is your heartLenny Chattanooga Choo Choo"George: " Besame Mucho" (Kiss Me, Kiss Me)
Jimmy Dorsey Beth: Good Vibrations - Beach Boys
Wendy : Day Dream Believer - The Monkeys
Pat - Frenesi - by Artie Shaw - never heard of it
Elizabeth- "Mr. Tambourine Man" by The Byrds
Meri-Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog by: Elvis
Mary Ann- The Yellow Rose of Texas: Mitch Miller
Kathy--the yellow rose of Texas--Mitch Miller
Bonita-- Frenisi by Artie Shaw--I've never heard of it either!
Mary Stien Song--Rudy Valee Never heard of it
Carol 1945 ... "Rum and Coca-Cola" by The Andrews Sisters
Cheri-1948..Woody Woodpecker Song by Kay Kyser---never heard the song
Pegg- 1968..Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)John Fred & His Playboy Band
Deb- "The Twist" by Chubby Checker
Tami - "To Know Him Is To Love Him" by the Teddy Bears
Pat - "The Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page
Michelle ~ Sittin On the Dock of the Bay by Otid Redding
Laura - "I Honestly Love You" by Olivia Newton-John (That makes me want to puke!)Twila- Day Dream Believer by the Monkees
Eileen - "Hey Jude" The Beatles
Rhonda "He's So Fine" The Chiffons
Christina "Night Fever" The BeeGees
Sandra - "War" by Edwin Starr
David - My heart Has a Mind of It's Own by Connie Frances
Morgan - 1989 ... "Blame It on the Rain" by Milli Vanilli (Never heard it before, but you can bet I'll go find it and listen to it now!)
TheChickenista- How Deep Is Your Love by The Bee Gees

I would love to know if anyone passes this one on so let me know!

My "Friday the 13th" 13

Well it's Friday the 13th. And yes, I'm superstitious! On this sort of day uhm yea. I also don't walk under ladders and June 6, 2006 you better believe my bootie was at home!

Matter of fact my cousin and me were pregnant at the same time. She was a little further along than me. I was due August, she was in June. I told her to hold that baby!! Could you imagine having to write your birthday as June 6, 2006 in number form. I can't even write it!

But to have fun with the day, it only comes around once in awhile, I thought I would do a "My 13". Scary movies obviously, so here we go from scary to "hold me baby!"

My 13 Top Favorite Scary Movies

13. Hostel 2
12. Prom Night
11. Psycho
10. The Exorcist
09. Birds
08. Poltergeist
07. Halloween 1
06. The Ring
05. Hostel 1
04. Saw 1
03. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
02. Friday the 13th 2
01. HIGH TENSION!!!!!!

OMG High Tension was the freakiest cr** I'd ever seen!!!!! If you haven't seen it, not many have, and you love spooking yourself. Get this!

I'm the type of girl that loves scary movies. But, I NEED to watch them with a strong man who can hold me. I force Hubby to watch them, he hates the gore. I think it's because when I was little I wasn't allowed to watch those types of movies. I didn't see my first scary scary movie til I met Hubby.

Now I can't get enough. I love to scare myself. Even though half the movie I'm hiding behind him, eyes shut, ears plugged saying, "lalalalalalalala I can't hear you lalalalala!"

Enjoy your Friday the 13th!!!

Trashy Thursdays

Well change of plans. Who's knows me better than me? Mom! I was telling her my thoughts on this project, and she says, "you'll never go through that trash and pull out recyclables". Which is true I probably wouldn't! I'd have Hubby. ☺

This was her idea to place those to be recycled into a cardboard box. So I did.

Thanks Mom!!

Trash Day 12


How horrible to see all your junk food staring back at you. The kids don't get it very often. So the next time they whine about how I never buy them yummies, I'm showing them this!


Honestly I thought I'd have more trash than this! I do have a half filled one inside. Hey that's pretty good though.

Google Ads Tracking Us To Target Us?

Ok I just heard this on Fox News. Apparently Google is tracking what we search to better place ads in front of you. I'm not talking about the ones they place on your blog, no they're the ones you just randomly find while your on a site. I was on myspace and I did notice most of those ads were very similar to what I would be interested in. Not sure if they were Google or not.

But, I don't see a problem with that. Why waste Ad space on a person if they would never click on it right??? So, I do understand Google's position. What some are finding as too little privacy, is the problem. But news flash aren't we only guaranteed privacy when and only when the little lock appears on our menu bar. Other than that who knows who's watching what we do. It's the price we pay for using the Internet. That's why everyone is told DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFO. Right?

It's sort of like using that savings card at the grocery store. Based on what I buy, supposedly that's why I receive special offers. No wasted paper I think. Plus I do use most of the ones I receive.

Or like Tivo, based on what you record they suggest what you may like.

I've very interested to hear what others think of this new finding. Or just new to me finding.

Pre-K Home School

When we decided to begin home schooling our children, my 4 year old son was just starting Pre-K. He absolutly loved it! He came home every day with his little hands filled with the days learning. His head filled with new knowledge. And his little mouth kept talking all the way home. So when we took them out I thought that was it until K12 could supply me with Kinder lessons. Not true!

I found a couple of great sites to download worksheets. One is First School. This one has everything from learning abc's to numbers. Coloring sheets, booklets to make and holiday arts and crafts. Then there is ABCTeach with over 5000 free printable activity sheets!

I love the internet. Where you can find just about anything for free! Yeah this bill that comes every month to keep us connected, I'm thinkin's worth it!

Now my little guy can continue his learning!

Here's some of my favorite activity sheets:

And what would PreK be without AWARDS:

******March 12, 2009****
For more great worksheets my girl at Country Whispers did much more research than I did. I find a couple favorites and I'm good. But she has tons of varieties. I bookmarked them all. So go take a look. Theres even places you can make your own!!! She rocks!! Give her a hugh thanks too!
Go here

Ready....... AIMS........ I'm Fired!

It's now 21 days til the AZ State AIMS testing begins. I think I'm more nervous about it than the kids are really. They're doing the regular lessons and I'm throwing them curve balls at every chance I have. "Quick what's the capital of Tennessee!" I blurt out, out of nowhere. "Cody, what does a spring scale measure it's weight in??? Come on Cody...you know this.....a spring scale....." What's wrong with me?

This is our first year of testing while in home school. I've never been like this with any of their other state tests. I just make sure they do their homework, get plenty of sleep and remember to put on their thinking caps on the way out. So why now I ask myself.

I'm assuming I don't want to be fired. As silly as that sounds. It's a lot riding on the parent as the teacher I believe. Am I doing a good job? Are they understanding it? Am I having enough patience with them? Could I of explained it better? All thoughts that go through my head. What if I'm the reason they don't do well. Maybe I over help them. What if I haven't given them the confidence to know they'll do just fine.

I love teaching them, and I know they prefer it. I do not want to fail them. I guess I just need validation that I'm doing it right. These tests should give me the answers. Wish I didn't have to wait an entire summer for the results. Is this normal newbie thang?

Meet My Twitter Followers

Ok I got this great idea from Shinade at painted viel. A cool mosaic of all my tweeps! I love cool ideas like these! Thank you Shinade and Sandee!

And a huge thank you to all my tweeps. I love your random thoughts, imformative updates, and humorous antics!

My Beautiful Twitter Followers

Get your twitter mosaic here.