Finding Balance

There's something that's easily said rather than done. Especially when your day is consumed by teaching a first grader, while helping a 4th grader, encouraging your 6th grader and entertaining a very active preschooler who loves to hide, get into things she is never suppose to, make loud and sudden noises when its study time....Oh how that list could go on.

From the moment I wake up (sometimes even before my coffee) I'm going. Till the wee morning hours. Oh yea, I also took on product reviewing as a hobby....The thought of it was awesome, free stuff for my opinion and getting the word out about their company. I just didn't think about the testing out, organizing, coordinating, blog hopping, socializing aspect. So most my writing and info gathering and tweaking is done at 12am on til it's completed.

But I love writing and trying out new things, especially sharing it with everyone I know. So I won't be giving that up anytime soon. Just need to find a way to fit my marriage back in LOL. It seems my day is taken with the kids, my nites are taken by blogging and Hubs comes home at 3 or 4am(works graveyard) and he gets about half an hour of quality me and the rest is me desperately trying to stay conscious, knowing I have to be up in a few hours to do it all over again.

So his days off are such an enjoyment. Sure wish I had one! LOL We try and make the most of our time... But sweet Lord, these kids have to be right behind you every second of the day...Every!  Getting creative is one thing were going to have to turn into friggin magicians! 

I feel maybe when I do find that prefect balance and everything is as it should be, and I get up with the sun and go down with it, I'll be too old.

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I AM SO SAD!! This is the only picture I have pregnant with my 3rd son and I can not for the life of me make it better looking!  It was my fault really, I was HUGE and not very camera happy.  But ugh!  Its all I have as a remembrance from that pregnancy.  Any thoughts?  Is there a miracle out there to fix this dark of photos?

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Free School Stickers!

You may think why do I need "property of" stickers...Well I have a mess of duplicate supplies, and to avoid the drama and fighting, I use these handy dandy stickers...Well not these ones yet, but as soon as I get more sticker paper for my printer I will!  Its simple to print stickers, just use sticker paper in place or regular.  Line it up and print the size you need.  I use my image setup like for pictures so I can arrange them to fit as many as possible on my paper.

If you can use them great! ENJOY!
TheChickenista home school stickers!TheChickenista home school stickers!
I left these big so you can size them to whatever fits you ☺ Click to enlarge, save to your computer then you can edit and print....Since we will soon be having a few new -to -us computers I'm putting them as desktop backgrounds too. LOL

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Homeschool Charts

I've created homeschool pages of helpful ideas, tips, tricks etc. if you want to take a looksy, just click.

If there is one thing we've strive to do here is be somewhat organized and scheduled.....although, that can be hard.  VERY!!!  Then things get ugly.  Mama gets ugly...mama don't like no stress!

So, I've purchased some scrap kits (Just So Scrappy and Delicious Scraps are my favorite sites to buy from) and designed some pretty neato splendito charts.  (If I do say so myself!) 

Feel free to use them if you can.  I love sharing! LOL. Click on any to enlarge then right click "Save Image As"  then edit or just print when you want.

Perfect To Stay On Top Of Progress or Notice a Problem.

I L♥V Making These!!

Great Individual Or Group Schedule

Sticker Chart

I just made these and they'll be going into the Homeschool Tips Page.  I always welcome links from you all!!  If you have a neat idea that other Moms can enjoy I would love to post/list them (even if its a just link to your page).  

These are great to print out on harder paper and pin up.  Or like with the sticker chart I laminate (PFT! I use clear box tape!) And put on a bright poster board. 

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Im spending today catching up on some much needed reading. Coffee in hand, feet up and ready to meet new bloggers and twits and facebookers..... why no myspace hops? Hmmm maybe I'll make one....Do ppl still use that or am I a loser?

OK I'm ready to laugh, cry, learn, enter givies... WOW me people! LOL

Thanks for visiting me BTW and I hope you find something interesting and decide to follow......
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Homeschooling The New Year

Today finished our first full week of home school.  And holy wow!  I really am glad I stuck with this!  This year k12 launched a whole new  way of doing things.  Before it was mainly me reading off lessons, interpreting and relaying, teaching and checking, blah blah blah.   With 3 kids it was overwhelming!  But fun.  I must say that.  Fun.  Well, this year it's more interactive.  The computer is doing all the teaching, well most of it at least.  Reading and Math. 

Click to enlarge

After they complete their lesson I go on with my password and check their scores.  Plus, it all goes right to the teacher.  Between voice recordings, emails and data input, most all is out of my hands and postbox!  Eliminating wasteful paper correspondence. 

I'm loving it!  All except for the whole tying up the computer thing.  We are desperately in need of another couple computers.  That will be taken care of next payday.  Of course there are so many great refurbished computers out there!  And since we only need them to run online school stuff, that's the route we intend to go.  Why spend a grand on a new computer when you can keep one from going to clutter up a landfill right?!

Another change we had this year was every week they have mandatory assemblies.  Their teacher goes over the weeks goals, any upcoming events and afterwards they take a mini assessment.  To let the teacher know if there's any problems!  Yay! 

But as usually everything is still centered around us and our schedule.  We still get to have late mornings and evening sessions.  M-Su whenever works for us.  I love that!

This year my son started at only 33wpm in reading and is already up to 59wpm.  So I know this new way is really having a positive effect on him.  (He should be at 80wpm )  To have that kind of boost so quickly, I know it has to do with the fun graphics and interactiveness of it all.  What a relief because if you've followed me since the beginning, you know reading and phonics is his problem area.  A huge reason I'm so disappointed with this district here.  Just push them along to become next years teachers problem.  That needs to change everywhere.  But he and I along with K12 have worked really hard to get him up to date.