Free School Stickers!

You may think why do I need "property of" stickers...Well I have a mess of duplicate supplies, and to avoid the drama and fighting, I use these handy dandy stickers...Well not these ones yet, but as soon as I get more sticker paper for my printer I will!  Its simple to print stickers, just use sticker paper in place or regular.  Line it up and print the size you need.  I use my image setup like for pictures so I can arrange them to fit as many as possible on my paper.

If you can use them great! ENJOY!
TheChickenista home school stickers!TheChickenista home school stickers!
I left these big so you can size them to whatever fits you ☺ Click to enlarge, save to your computer then you can edit and print....Since we will soon be having a few new -to -us computers I'm putting them as desktop backgrounds too. LOL

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