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I AM SO SAD!! This is the only picture I have pregnant with my 3rd son and I can not for the life of me make it better looking!  It was my fault really, I was HUGE and not very camera happy.  But ugh!  Its all I have as a remembrance from that pregnancy.  Any thoughts?  Is there a miracle out there to fix this dark of photos?

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Jennifer Sikora said...

Following you from Follow Me Wednesday. I would love it if you returned the favor by visiting my blog as well. www.jennifersikora.com

Anonymous said...

I actually just downloaded and tried to lighten it, but your camera just didn't capture enough. It lightened but the details are not there. Sorry about that. I can send you what I came up with if you leave your email on my blog or email me at brew6482@yahoo.com

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

You could try lightening it using Picnik.

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Ohhh, I'm not a great photo editor, but I can tell you have a beautiful baby belly! While delivering and after the birth of my son we were snapping pictures like crazy only to realize later, there was NO film in it- 35MM (he's only 9) I have proof though that we took the pics, it all on video! Hope someone can recover this for you. Mrs. Hart

Unknown said...

Following by Welcome Wednesday...would love to have you follow back.

Unknown said...

Aww thanks Miles to go! Im coming over right now!

Unknown said...

Mrs. Hart

Oh wow Ive done that before thank goodness for digital cameras! LOL. If not for them a lot of pictures may not be taken, just gotta remember batteries! :)

ThatsBaloney said...

Oh no! Hate it when that happens.
I have almost no pregnant pics as well. I wish I hadn't been so camera shy.

Dawn said...

Visiting from The RHOK. I'm one of the housewives there, Mrs. Albright.

Thanks for linking up with us. I'm sorry about your picture. :(

Ashley said...

I would take it to Ritz Pictures or a Professional picture company. They can usually revive the photos! Following you from Follow Me Friday!


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