Homeschool Tips, Tricks and Hope!

Here's a few tips and tricks for you!  I'm adding to it so if you have something you'd like other families to know email me with a link to your site, if you have one (so I can credit you) and I'll put it in.

  • Put the captions on!  My kids and even I find it hard not to read along with the TV.
  • Make a newspaper project So many newspapers don't make it to be recycled, well how 'bout reused??  Newspapers are fabulous ways to get involved with current issues and you can decorate it up anyway you want!  Make it silly or realistic.  How about just having your k-3rd grader find words they're working on, like a word hunt.  Then cut and paste!  
  • Have a "Hall Of Fame!"  Every parent loves to display art work on the fridge.  But,  how about reports or an ACED test!  I have the hallway wall devoted to my Hall of Famers!  It really gets them motivated to get on that wall!
  • Award Time!  Home school should be way better than public school, but Awards aren't so much fun just printing out and handing over.  Make a big deal!  Invite family and friends, serve some punch and put out chairs!  Have your child announced and let them give a speak!
  • Take It Outside!  Home school is all about unconventional.  It's a nice day, why not take science outside and let them seek out critters, do a little catch and release after letting them inspect.  Even reading under a tree to everyone is fun!  Make a circle and let each child read a couple of pages.
  • Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen Is Perfect! Science and math right here!  Plus your teaching them valuable life skills!
  • Gimmie a BREAK! Long day? Turn the radio up and have a dance contest!  Sort of like simon says meets the hand jive.  Especially for younger ones, this is a great way to improve motor skills.  The sillier the dance the better!  Trust me, with everyone laughing and jumping around your sure to be amped and happier when restarting your lessons. 
  • Good Ol' Paper and Pen Writing letters to loved ones far away or just down the street is a great way to improve writing skills, penmanship, and thought processing.  Plus, when you write a letter you make someone smile and they'll write you back.  And how cool will you child feel when they get they're very own piece of mail??
  • Schedules Are Good! Everyone needs to stay on task so it's nice to make a little something for the kids (and YOU) to ensure everything gets done that needs to.  I made this: (via Scrapblog and a Delicious Scrap add on kit...2 places I love to go!)
  • Click to Enlarge
    Every Friday they need to have 60 minutes in of Study Island.  They can break it up any way they want throughout the week, or all at once.  So for the next 4 months they have this to keep track.  It stays in their folder and I check weekly.  Each box should add up to 60 minutes.

Feel free to use these if you can.  I love sharing! LOL. Click on any to enlarge then right click "Save Image As"  then edit or just print when you want.

Perfect To Stay On Top Of Progress or Notice a Problem.

I L♥V Making These!!

Great Individual Or Group Schedule

Sticker Chart

These are great to print out on harder paper and pin up.  Or like with the sticker chart I laminate (PFT! I use clear box tape!) And put on a bright poster board. 

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