New Photos!

So here goes.  I failed horribly with PS CS5.  I couldn't get anything to work.  I messed around my whole free trial and nada!  I tried downloading the Elements, but for some reason when it was almost done, boom I'd lose connection or something.  Im super impatient so, I said to heck with it.  But I love taking pictures.  I want them to look like fanfriggintastic!  So I'm trying out Picnik's tweaks.  What do you think?

I'm working on getting the %'s right.  I used gritty, vibrance, sharpen, and fancy focus.  I love that all the brainy work is done for me.  Even the drop shadow! 

What programs do you use?  Online or software.  It's only like 5 bucks a month.  So we'll see. 

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