Ready....... AIMS........ I'm Fired!

It's now 21 days til the AZ State AIMS testing begins. I think I'm more nervous about it than the kids are really. They're doing the regular lessons and I'm throwing them curve balls at every chance I have. "Quick what's the capital of Tennessee!" I blurt out, out of nowhere. "Cody, what does a spring scale measure it's weight in??? Come on know this.....a spring scale....." What's wrong with me?

This is our first year of testing while in home school. I've never been like this with any of their other state tests. I just make sure they do their homework, get plenty of sleep and remember to put on their thinking caps on the way out. So why now I ask myself.

I'm assuming I don't want to be fired. As silly as that sounds. It's a lot riding on the parent as the teacher I believe. Am I doing a good job? Are they understanding it? Am I having enough patience with them? Could I of explained it better? All thoughts that go through my head. What if I'm the reason they don't do well. Maybe I over help them. What if I haven't given them the confidence to know they'll do just fine.

I love teaching them, and I know they prefer it. I do not want to fail them. I guess I just need validation that I'm doing it right. These tests should give me the answers. Wish I didn't have to wait an entire summer for the results. Is this normal newbie thang?

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