Go Ahead......Pamper Yourself...And Your Clothes!

There's nothing better than falling into bed with freshly washed linens after a hard days work.....

I'm not one that is big on laundry, but when I have the smell of Snuggle™ I look forward to those piles. Now add in the two new scents, Jojoba Essence and Sweet Almond Essence, I may never have dirty clothes pile up again! Snuggle Crème™ adds a luxury to laundry. Now these scents are available in dryer sheets as well!

Guys don't notice our new hairstyle or even our new clothes. But I know when I've just used Snuggle™ in the wash and Hubby puts on those jeans, he can tell! It's not only the smell but the feel of your clothes that we love!

Right now Snuggle™ is giving out coupons to try their new scents. You can click on the top left hand of this blog and grabs your today!! Available in 32, 50 or 150 load bottles and you choice of 70 or 105 count dryer sheets.

Go ahead and pamper yourself.......and your clothes!

6 Sweet Comments:

rebel said...

I love for my beddin' to smell good too. I haven't tried the new scents but I'd like to.
I wanted to click on your link to get a coupon but there is nothin' there and when I click the blank spot still nothin'. Thought you'd want to know. I'll check back later.

Claire MW said...

Mmmmm...sweet almond....I might try to eat my sheets in the middle of the night though...

Unknown said...

Thanks rebel!!! I'll check it out!

Unknown said...

OK They work, top left hand corner of the blog the dancing snuggle bear. He'll take you to the coupon!!

Leigh said...

The Almond is my favorite!

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