Give 60 to Mother Earth

I have been waiting for March to come around so I can give everyone the heads up to Earth Hour 2009. It's Saturday March 28 at 8:30pm your local time! News coverage of this huge world wide event will take place. Please participate.

What is this??? I knew some may wonder so here it is. It's an hour you give in total darkness. Well, just no t.v or lights on. More information on this is at 77 countries and 680 cities!!

Go and have a lil' looksy

For the kids:

Great Activity Sheet For the Kids!!

Some great ideas there. The kids will have a blast on this site, and a special place for us parents and teachers. Perfect home school projects. We're making March our "Earth Month".

My lesson plans include:

Walking down the dirt roads (also counts towards PE) collecting glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans. Basically will be picking up trash. I'm going to introduce recycling to the younger ones. The child with the most trash recieves a party sticker (25 they have a party of their choice- (BBQ, pizza, sundae, subs n movie) Yea my kids live on motavation!

I want to find a slidshow of the ice caps. If you know where I could find one let me know. I'll be scrambling the web.

I want to keep all trash we would normal toss out to show the kids just how much one family consumes. But we'll see how long til I just can't put up with it.

We already toss our left over food to the animals. But I will start a compost pile with them instead. The pigs will be saddened.

They will work on their water usage and lights also.

Not to mention all the wonderful ideas that activity sheet has given me. (link above)

You can really make a good school day out of just this topic. Theres science of course. But also Art, PE, Reading, History ( letters to congress I'd put it in there since thats where my kids learn of government), English and Spelling.

Here are my 10 ideas to spend our 60 minutes in the dark: (G rated of course.)

10. Weathers nice have some family or friends over for a BBQ to celebrate the earth and what shes given you. Use tiki or solar lights. We have solar outside lights. Its enough to light up a basketball area and our outside table and chairs. Use a battery powered radio, or bring a guitar.

9. Who says it has to be Halloween to tell scary stories! Break out your orange flashlights and scare each other.

8. Light candles and play a board game.

7. Visit someone whos not participating. LOL

6. Check your city maybe their holding something.

5. Sit and talk get to know your family.

4. Clear the room of dangerous things before hand and play Marco Polo

3. Tell the kids its time for bed and do the R rated version.

2. Play cards.

1. Sit and thank this beatiful world for giving us the substance we need to survive. It's planting season and we all know how important it is.

If you have great ideas I'd love to hear them. For the hour as a lesson plan. What are your plans? Will you participate?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting on how cute our daughter is. Truth be told, we think she is pretty darn gorgeous ourselves. And, I agree - they do grow up waaaay too fast. She is only 4 months right now, but those 4 months have gone by so incredibly fast. Life is better than we imagined it could be now that she is here - such a nice reminder that we all need to take time to slow down in life and enjoy each day.

Have a great day and thanks again! Love your blog!

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