Who's Up For A BBQ... In About A Month!

Well we did it. We made up our minds. We're slaughtering Big Willy. I'm not sad anymore about it though. I come to realization that this was what we intended him to be, and it must be done. Raising animals is hard work, but letting them go is harder. I must say we love him very much and will miss him. But, for us, this was the only choice we had. So wipe away my tears and be happy he was one of the lucky ones. He led a great fun life and will always be remembered.

Now on to my topic... Hubby and I decided to find a butcher but, that ended up being no easy task. I called every meat place listed in the phone book. There is no such thing as butcher in our yellow pages. Our only option was to have a guy, that lives down the road a ways, come and shoot him and teach us to cut it up for like $100. But it being Big Willy we didn't really want to. So my mission was to find someone to do it for us.

I got a hold of this carniceria, which is meat market in Spanish, and they only spoke well Spanish. But, the guy did say to call him the next morning and he would set it up. I called, he wasn't there. I called another and the woman said to try the University of AZ Ag Dept. I thought that's weird, but maybe they knew of a place. So I left a message.

Today I got a call back!! Turns out they butcher there. Who knew! Obviously not me! She explained to me the prices, I think are fair. Those that are more familiar let me know!

$.69/lb table weight
$45. kill fee (puts them to sleep, LOVE that, painless)
$10 curing
breakfast sausages incl.
Specialty sausage extra

$100 flat for my goat

Plus, she vacuum seals it, not just freezer paper like at the butchers!
So our appointment is on the 8th, and it takes 6wks to get everything back. We're taking in Big Willy, another pig and a goat.
I was sold, so was Hubby! I love that Big Willy will be put down humanly, not possibly tortured with a bullet not hitting the right area. I'll leave that up to the skilled professionals! I'm not hunter.

Some people may find this horrible, that I could think of such things when dealing with a family "friend". But keep in mind this was no easy choice, I'm learning as I go. I wasn't raised around animals besides dogs. So I just thought of them as "food". No feelings. Now that I've raised them from babyhood to butcher time, I give a lot of props to those who do this for a living. You almost have to distance your heart from them a little. I give them the best home I can, we all give them TONS of attention, and when it does come time for them, believe me I don't think it will get easier, but what must be done will be.

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Jackie said...

Well I certainly understand this. My husband grew up as a share cropper and the only thing they ever bought at the store was coffee, sugar, and flour.

They raised, butchered and smoked all of their own meat for a family of 11.

So while we were living in Maine we decided to do the same thing.

We raised 3 pigs. But, we really got attached and couldn't bare to eat them no matter what.

So lesson learned....never name things you are going to eat.

Yes we have spent a little time together but not as much as I would like.

I am here doing drops and trying to get caught up!!

How ni9ce that you got the deal you got on your meat!! Wow that will really fill your freezer!!

Happy weekend!!:-)

rebel said...

I grew up with my parents butcherin' our meat. My dad WAS a butcher/meat cutter by profession. We raised beef and Dad would remind us constantly that little Billy was gonna be yummy Billy someday. We always had lots of farm animals so it was easy to let 'em go plus all the remindin' from Dad helped I'm sure. I remember my Mom butcherin' chickens. WE kids all helped, kinda assymbly line type stuff.

If you are raisin' 'em to eat you just have to stay detached. Ha! That's why my husband and I don't butcher our chickens, we're silly and make pets out of 'em. But we sure like those farm fresh eggs.

I'm glad you found someone to do your butcherin' Around here we have meat locker plants that take care of our butcherin' needs. And I think the vacuum seal is the best. That is how our venison is packed and it's great.

Jackie said...

I usually don;t do this but this time I was moved to take the time and actually acknowledge some blogs and people that I have come to enjoy so much.

And you are definitely one!!


No pressure....just know that you were thought off!!


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