Trashy Thursday Part 4

Oh how glad I am this is the last Thursday! While I successfully kept whatever it was from tearing my bags open, the smell is still very strong. Duh! I know. The first picture is all trash, not a much as I thought I'd have.

This second picture is of recyclable items. Cardboard, newspaper, glass, alunimum.
I wish I could say these were biodegradable bags but I just found out they make those!! After we run out of these I'm going to try them. Hopefully they hold and don't break. If you use these let me know how they stand up.

Now this last picture I've been very excited with. It's our garden! I can't wait to start planting!! But of course we had to wait til the compost was ready and mixed in real well. It's finally ready!

This turned out pretty simple as far as separating the recycle items and reusing veggie scraps tree clippings and manure for a compost. I really think the children learned a great deal. The hardest part was dealing with the smell. But that was only when we walked in there to drop off trash or take photos. Otherwise its so far away from everything no one could tell.

Any little bit helps.

3 Sweet Comments:

Jackie said...

When we lived in Maine we learned to recycle everything!!

They are so very very strict on everything. But, I have to admit that it is also one of the cleanest and litter free states I have ever been in.

Moving back to Oklahoma was a big change and one that really was hard to get use too. They don;t recycle anything here and I haven't even found a place to recycle yet.

So with much guilt everything gets thrown in the trash here.

As for your compost...good for you and WTG!! When Walter worked and was home at nights we always had a garden and always used our own compost.

I go out with him now on the road in the summer time so we don't have a garden right now. But, I can't wait until he retires and we once again grow our own veggies.

oh they are so yummy when they are freshly picked, taken right in and cooked.

Oh my I am trying desperately to catch up after barely any internet service at all for over a I better be heading down the road!!

Thanks for stopping in...your comment was lovely. LOL....I just wish I was going to Ireland and Italy too!!

Hey I lived in Paris TX. once...I'll just count that!!

Happy weekend,

Unknown said...

I so want a garden! great job being so "green"

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