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Lazy funny picture
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Ride Me! funny picture
Funny Stuff & MySpace Layouts

I don't even know what I could possible say about these......

8 Sweet Comments:

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!
Those sure are wordless.

whoopsadasie said...

Except they are hilarious!

rebel said...

Hahahahaha. Very good except for that last one!?!?

Anonymous said...

The first picture describes how I'm feeling and the las one is just..... Hilarious

Jackie said...

Wow these are cute and i see you have a road too. Thanks so much for dropping and visiting me.

You are lucky that your guy has gone local. Mine won;t make the change for 2 more years when he retires.

He hauls specialized a lot of OD'S and such and the money is just too good. And his benefits are really good.

There's nothing anywhere around where we live that could even come close.

But, after being together for almost 30 years I don't mind too much.

Now if the kids were still at home that would be a different story. But, they are all grown and on their own.

Oh dear he will be here in about 3 hours, I need to get in about 400 drops, clean my house, and shower and get ready...lol...wish me luck!!

Banteringblonde said...

HAAAA ... that first one is awesome!

redb1ker said...

That duck is just wrong. Just wrong.

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