My "Friday the 13th" 13

Well it's Friday the 13th. And yes, I'm superstitious! On this sort of day uhm yea. I also don't walk under ladders and June 6, 2006 you better believe my bootie was at home!

Matter of fact my cousin and me were pregnant at the same time. She was a little further along than me. I was due August, she was in June. I told her to hold that baby!! Could you imagine having to write your birthday as June 6, 2006 in number form. I can't even write it!

But to have fun with the day, it only comes around once in awhile, I thought I would do a "My 13". Scary movies obviously, so here we go from scary to "hold me baby!"

My 13 Top Favorite Scary Movies

13. Hostel 2
12. Prom Night
11. Psycho
10. The Exorcist
09. Birds
08. Poltergeist
07. Halloween 1
06. The Ring
05. Hostel 1
04. Saw 1
03. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
02. Friday the 13th 2
01. HIGH TENSION!!!!!!

OMG High Tension was the freakiest cr** I'd ever seen!!!!! If you haven't seen it, not many have, and you love spooking yourself. Get this!

I'm the type of girl that loves scary movies. But, I NEED to watch them with a strong man who can hold me. I force Hubby to watch them, he hates the gore. I think it's because when I was little I wasn't allowed to watch those types of movies. I didn't see my first scary scary movie til I met Hubby.

Now I can't get enough. I love to scare myself. Even though half the movie I'm hiding behind him, eyes shut, ears plugged saying, "lalalalalalalala I can't hear you lalalalala!"

Enjoy your Friday the 13th!!!

4 Sweet Comments:

whoopsadasie said...

I for one have never been a scary movie watcher! It was all I could do to watch "The hand that Rocks the Cradle" and "What lies beneath"!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that movie trailer clip you have on your blog I want to see that and that other one something about Conneticut.
Yeah I like them too. Don't want Tristan to watch them though.

Tina said...

i love scary movies too they are my fave. i like most the ones on your list too, especially hostel and saw. the ones that seem they could be real today are more frightening!

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