What Are We Doing With Our Children?

Out here we're trying to live basic right?? Today I got to thinking how basic can we be living if we have satellite TV, computers, cell phones, video games for the kids...the answer is not basic at all.

Then that got me to thinking of all the "new" childhood problems we have now. Obesity, diabetes, asthma.... why?? Today more than ever we are concerned about our children.

We no longer spank (or at least not in public)
So they get away with what they shouldn't
We baby even our teens
So they don't learn responsibility
We make sure they have equal play time even if they suck
So they don't learn competition and never try to be the best
We've got air purifiers, water filters
So their bodies can't tolerate dust!
I mean the list goes on!

What happened to parenting? And what about 'new' parenting could have effect on the children of today? We are raising our future here right??

Generations of past grew up fine. Through competition we learned to grasp the bigger picture and aim for something higher. Through spankings we learned respect. We didn't have bottled waters, lattes, XBox, 100+ channels. We rode bikes, played baseball, got out of the house! I think Saturdays we had four cartoons to watch early morning. Smurfs, Flintstones, Jetsons, and Masters of the Universe...... Now cartoons are on 24/7! And if you had one drink of your parents coffee you spit it out! Now tweens are drinking it, like they need more energy!

Vacations for us were camping, fishing and hiking. Now its resorts and more places with cable!

I hate to say it but when we were younger, who were the kids who didn't know the first thing about sports.. Or had all these allergies....Or watched TV all day?? You know what I'm talking about. So why are we doing this to our kids?

Just makes you think....

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Anonymous said...

One thing that I remember as a child is "imaginative play" and kids just don't do that anymore! Tristan will play by hisself "make believe" and do lots of ouside playing!

I have a award for you on my blog! =)

Tina said...

i have an award for you too! :)


Unknown said...

I wonder about this too. Our kids are already so plugged in all the time. What happened to good old fashioned make believe and pretend?


Unknown said...

I must start proof reading my posts before hitting "enter". I use the exclamation point way too often! It's! Like! I'm! Screaming! LOL!

Thank you ladies for the awards I can't wait to choose my reciepents.

It's like it's too much work for them. Trying to change a channel here starts fights. I'm seriously considering canceling it and only having "movie" nights. Summers coming they need to be outside more. Not just for their chores.
Not just for their healths sake, but for my sanity as well. ♥

Anonymous said...

Very good points!

Banteringblonde said...

YES!! And that is about all I have to say about that.

Thanks for the award -- been on the slopes all week but I'll be thankin' ye properly on me bloggy soon!

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