Low Entry Giveaways..Means You Have Better Odds!!

Yes that's just common sense I know right?  So here's the thing every Wednesday I have Gimme Your Givies Link Up.  You have low or no entries?  Lets link them altogether so everyone will know where the best places are to win!!  Awesome I know. *high fives myself*

Well here are some givies Im holding that have low entries!  I'll bet you find something you'd love! 

Open Low Givies

**Also if you have entered any already.... I'm giving you fair warning, the day before the giveaway is to expire I will be going thru the comments making sure the MANDATORY ones are done, plus checking the tweet links.  And if you haven't verified the email to subscribe  remember to do so.  I have about 15 that haven't yet. Failure to do them will result in the deletion of your comment and entry.  Its only fair to everyone entering.☺

Good Luck All and a Huge Thank You to the Sponsors☺

    2 Sweet Comments:

    Unique Baby Gear Ideas said...

    Hi There, I have to say when I see your pic, I in no way can make the connection between you and a chicken but maybe I just don't know the whole story, right?

    I know that you said last time that you don't have babies anymore, but maybe you can use a new purse? If you have a chance to visit my blog I hope that you will enter my LATEST Vera Bradley Giveaway that I just posted!

    Take care Chickenista!

    J. Claire

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