I'm Talking In Text Now...Someone Shoot Me!

Ok, my sister and me have, on occasion, been sitting (in person) talking and instead of laughing we say LOL LOL......  But I hear myself more and more text talking, "tauxing"...  I went into my bedroom and the kids DEEEEmolished it!!!  Popcorn everywhere!  Pillows thrown, blankets off the bed.  The kids just kicking back watching TV..'Who cares it's Mom's room' probably what they're thinking...

So what do I yell???? "OMG GUYS!..."

I don't even have a cell phone!

Please shoot me....  I finally started talking like an adult again.  (Kids aren't babies so no more baby talk.) And here I am tauxing....like a nerd.  Cause you know it ain't cool to hear a 30 something old women yell out "OMG! I just love those shoes!"

Am I too lazy to say actual words?  TMI, BTW, LOL, OMG, how busy am I that I can't.  It's actually hard to stop..  I've been trying!  I can't quit! OMG guys HELP!

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Rossel said...

same here, using acronyms most of the time instead of the whole word. lol!

Tiffany said...

Yeah I have said LOL and had to catch myself.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Gina said...

If it makes you feel any better, acronyms were in widespread use long before cell phones, let alone texting. We use them all the time, USA? What school did you go to: Arizona State University or ASU?

Anonymous said...

No help here...I find myself saying the same sort of things. Only worst. What can we do - we're all just a product of our environment right?

Sheeesh! I gotta pick up a book.


Larri said...

Following you back! Love your blog! Happy Thursday! :o)


NorCalMom said...

Thanks for stopping by Lemons to Lemonade. I am now a follower and looking forward to exploring your blog some more.

ParaJunkee said...

OMG that made me LOL. I'm following you back. Thanks for visiting.
XO - Rachel from www.AnyasRoom.com

Keli said...

haha my mom does that too!
Thanks for the following, I'm following you back now!

Tree said...

HAH HA! I've found myself wanting to say LOL while I'm laughing...how dumb is that! LMAO (that one too)

Coming over from Bloggy Moms and following! Hope you'll stop by and visit me soon!

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
Mother of Pearl It Is

Katina said...

I don't quite tauxt yet but I know plenty of folks who do! Thanks for visiting Peaceful Divas! Following you!

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