EcoMom's All Natural Shaving Oil Review

I teamed up with EcoMom to review Pacific's All Natural Shaving Oil Ok so I didn't review this Hubs did.  Hubs has a very rough beard.  He's the type that needs a second round half way through the day...You know..

First off let me start by saying he's not really into those aerosol cans of foam (Dislikes their smells) he'd rather use soap and water or a rechargeable razor.

Product Description:
Pacific Shaving's All Natural Shaving Oil is made from essential oils and works wonders for both men and women on even the most sensitive skin. This little miracle offers a consistently smooth shave, reduces nicks and razor burn, and leaves skin conditioned and moisturized - all with the best natural ingredients available and no mess to clean up when finished!
Up to 100 shaves in a half-ounce bottle.

This is Hubs take: (And my 2 cents)
He's a guy who likes lists so here we go!

Size is perfect for storing and travel. (Especially now when everything now is 'suspicious' at the airport!)
Practically odorless. (He's not big on perfumie men's products.  This oil has a very light scent.)
Less mess around his sink. (Thank goodness! Guess who'd clean that disaster)
Gives a close shave.
Reduced the redness you sometimes get after shaving.
Works into your skin good and doesn't leave it feeling "oily". (He hates most lotions for that reason.)
Leaves his skin very smooth & soft. (OK that's from me, but that's important to us ladies right?! I'm a big cheek kisser.  I love snuggling up to his cheek/neck area, aka the 5 o'clock danger zone.  And there's nothing worse...or more painful than a scratchy face.) 

Had to use more than the recommended, leads him to believe it won't last as long.  (He's a tightwad very money wise.  Finding products that are earth friendly and pocket book friendly are majorly important to us.)

Compared to Alternative Foam Scale:
8- Travel
9- Price per Shave

Would you replace your current ways of shaving?
Maybe, if I weren't able to use my rechargeable.. yes. Traveling, absolutely.

There you have it! His first review. 

Additional Info:  This tiny 1/2 bottle of oil will last about 100 shaves.  At $9.00 a bottle and free shipping it works out to be a 9 cent shave.  Bonus its all natural which means, your not putting any foreign ickiness on your body!  Its great for women who have sensitive skin or areas prone to razor burn.

FTC Compliant: I received the All Natural Shaving Oil  free of charge for reviewing purpose.  I was not compensated in any way.  These are my thoughts and feelings and were in no way influenced.

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