A Saturday For Me *Update*

OK Im taking a day off from promoting giveaways and reviewing... But if you havent already entered into a giveaway ...uhhhh what are you waiting for?? I have some good ones!

OK OK OK... The kids school stuff just arrived...like last weekend and OH MY GAH! I think they have more boxes than last year! 17 in total for the 3 boys. Now remember I do K12, so they send me everything. Well, not paper, pencils, etc. But all workbooks, reading books, art supplies. Basically whatever a teacher is supplied at school. I still have to buy the parents usual items.

I was going back and forth with home schooling them this year. But I just can't not do it. I know its going to be harder trying to work a little and school the kids, but I feel like I would be doing them a huge disservice if I stopped. I think they've grown and learned so much being with me, than they did at that school.

Matter of fact when the UPS gal was dropping off my stuff, she mentioned she had other people in my immediate area with the same K12 boxes to drop off.  I said it just shows you what kind of school we have out here.  This school has had so many people transfer out  they had to shut down their pre school and space out their bus stops because of lack of funding.  And spacing out bus stops here isn't like in town....  Most the kids live off at least one dirt road if not more.  With multiple washes to cross. And no buses will drive off the black tops.  But now they're making them walk even further.  Funny thing is, my taxes are higher out here than in town, is what I heard.  I have no idea where they're going either.  Our main road is "patched" horribly, we have no library, our community center has short hours... I don't know.  Things you should of looked into BEFORE you buy!

But the kids are real excited!  They wanted to open their boxes the day they arrived!   I'm not ready for all that.  I need a summer vaca too.  SO I told them we'd open them in a couple of weeks, but that it meant we were to start school.  They were fine with that.  I've been printing out worksheets for them to kinda keep them busy.  They've played games on Zoodles.  So they're still learning. 

You know here's a tip I don't think I've shared with y'all yet.  Maybe I have, not sure.  But maybe your new here, LOL.  I put captions on the TV so when they watch TV they read it too.  I don't think I can even help reading along.  Hubs said it's very annoying but he's gotten use to it.  It's really helped all of them with their reading skills.  I learned this little trick from an awesome woman I use to do Respite Care for.  She is the grandmother (70's*ish*)  and she is raising her 2 grandkids.  They have multiple issues.  ADHD, Autism, breathing problems, gastric....  The kids weren't suppose to make it.  It was touch and go for years. They're very underweight and were told they'd be behind in learning....  But this Granny wasn't hearing any of it.  These kindergarten kids can read at a 6th grade lvl.  Very smart kids.  One of her tricks was leaving the captions on.  Sometimes without volume.
♥  So I pass that on to you!  Try it out,  let me know what you think.

I'm always looking for ways to increase the power of learning, if you have any tricks, tips, ideas or comments feel free to leave them (with a url if you have one) I want to list them as links at the bottom of my page.

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Christy said...

Hi, I just saw you on the "grab my button" group and thought I'd stop by. I only put captions on TV when I can't hear it. But your tip is a good idea and makes sense. My son, Brae, is practicing his reading this summer to stay on his toes for first grade.

Mormon Surrogate: I'm not the mom I'm just the stork said...

I love your button! I came to grab it. I found you on Bloggy Moms!


Unknown said...

Hi! I just signed up to follow your blog. This looks like a fun place!

Amy said...

A website that helped my son learn his alphabet was www.starfall.com. He's only 3 but knows almost all the alphabet in the correct order...lol... It also has stories that help with word sounds...

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