Eggo Real Fruit Pizza

Ok first off yum. Who wouldn't want to have pizza for breakfast? And unless your a single guy you probably don't.  Eggo just launched their Real Fruit Pizza and I was lucky enough to sample them.  I received Strawberry Granola and Mixed Berry Granola.

My first thought is Eggo kept is quick, convenient and tasty.  The pizza comes with its own microwave plate, which for me also doubles as their plate.  Takes about a minute to heat up and the older kids can make it themselves.  Morning it a big DIY mealtime.  I loved that it included granola. I could eat granola all day long. It gave it that crunch.  Fresh fruit topped it off, which to me makes me feel like my kids had good breakfast.

I'm a coffee girl for breakfast, but I gave it a go.  I'm usually multi-tasking in the morning and spend a lot of it right here on the computer.  Maybe I have some whole grain toast.  If I'm lucky Hubs cooks up his famous "bubble eggs".  For the most part I'm too busy to eat.  Well, I left my pizza about 30 minutes (initially to cool down) and when I went to eat it it wasn't at all what it was fresh and warm!  So my thoughts on that is, eat it when its warm!  Otherwise, its still good, I mean I still enjoyed it, but it tastes much better warm.  Also, its ended up not being solely a breakfast choice.  The kids really enjoyed them, a couple days later they chose it for their snack.

I would say this is probably in my top 3 microwave breakfast choices.  Just under their waffles.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Eggo Real Fruit Pizza and received a sample of the product and a $20 Amazon gift certificate to facilitate my review.”

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