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Well, the great storm of 2010 has passed and most of clean up is done.  At least the outside.  I broke my vacuum trying to clean up all the glass in my sons room.  ....I guess I should of waited for the pros.  The insurance adjuster said to just rip it out and replace it.  Yea, well I have four kids and uhm... dogs...and cats...and a rabbit....the new carpet would never match!! So then we thought we wanted to change from carpet to wood anyways, maybe we should just take this as a start.   That may be the route if Mr.Pro Carpet cleanerman can't get out all the glass dust.  Really Im not sure what to do with the room.  The walls look like they've been glittered.  So much glass.  Chunks I can pick up, this stuff is so small and like I said, like glitter, what do you do with that to make it safe.

On the plus side, we got back the paperwork from the insurance company and they've included the chicken coop and playhouse in the repairs. Phew!  We've lost a total of 17 chickens mysteriously.  No bites, no missing feathers, just fell over and died.  We think from the stress.  Poor things had the whole run tumble down on them.. Its been very hard.  We feel just horrible.  Who wants any animal or living thing going thru such a traumatic event.

Hopefully Hubs can do most of the repairs, some of the jackels that have come thru here are just redonkculous!  They expect to be handed a butt load of money and were suppose to just bend over and wait...Hmmm.  I don't think so. But we have no clue how this is suppose to play out.  No one we know has ever had a storm damage their home or deal with Insurance companies and Lenders. Were lost. And just want our home back to normal.

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Katie said...

I am so sorry. It sounds like a really stressful time. I hope everything works out ok.

Melissa said...

What a nightmare! Poor little chickens :( Hang in there, everything will work out, insurance agencies can be a pain in the butt but at least they're their ;)

Nicole said...

Aww those poor chickens! Good luck with everything!

Big Fat Gini said...

Poor chickens!

Hang in there. It'll take a while for things to get back to normal, but your insurance company should be able to easily walk you through the steps to take. It's pain, but once it's over you'll be grateful that they were there.

Unknown said...

what a hardship to have to go thru. However thinking of it on the positive side, you will get new stuff. I personally am not a big fan of carpet because I have two children with allergies and the dust mites love to harbor there teeny selves in the fibers. Most of my home is laminate flooring which in fact looks like wood without the expense. I do have area rugs, but try to vaccuum them daily. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it don't. As far as the glass shards in the walls. Do you have stucco walls or are they stomped like ceilings because they do not sound smooth as you describe them. The best you can do would probably be to vaccuumm them off then wipe them down. A coat of paint over the top will also help make the shiny disappear. Those poor chickens--how sad:( Best of luck to you and all will work itself out the way it is meant too. Onreeone~

Kelly said...

Following from Sunday Stroll! Poor little chickens! Hope it gets better!

Vijay said...

hi..reading your nice blog...
sweet kisses for u...

aceIN photography said...

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Lydia's Pennies said...

Newest follower here from Meet Me Monday. I would love it if you would stop by mine sometime.


That Girl's Deals said...

Cute blog!

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James Morgan - Puritan Financial Advisor said...

Its been very hard. We feel just horrible. Who wants any animal or living thing going thru such a traumatic event.

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