High Quality Children's Labels

Let's see my kids have lost sippy cups, water bottles, backpacks, books, lunch bags, shoes....yes their shoes...  How they can go from one day to the next and lose one shoe, just one, is beyond me.  I was constantly calling lost & founds, and eventually just replacing.

This year will be my nephew's kindergarten year. When I was asked to review Oliver's Labels I immediately thought of all the headaches I was going to save my sister!

Oliver's Labels is a high quality label system for all your child's property.  They have waterproof labels for items such as sippy cups, water bottles, shoes!  Perfect for a daycare and school.  Iron on clothing labels or stick-on clothing labels washer/dryer safe.  Winter jackets for church and school is a place you would want to make sure you place one.  Their safety wristbands are great for amusement parks or any other big outing where a child may wander off. Adjusts to fit your child's wrist and will not tear!

Oliver's Labels also have the unique option of "Found-It!" In case your child looses an item and someone finds it, there is a 9 digit code that allows you to track it!  How awesome of an idea is that??  Did I mention this option is FREE!  An free online lost and found!  A favorite doll your daughter takes everywhere and loves so dearly, stick on one of these durable labels.  If she should ever drop it, an email will be sent to you an you'll know exactly where it is!

But these labels aren't just for little kids.  Oliver's Labels have lots of designs to chose from. Stick one on your gym bag or a lunch for work. Kosher Kitchen labels lets you label utensils used for meat, dairy and parve.

My Review:
I received the mini labels, original labels, shoe labels, and clothing labels.  All with my nephews name and the Found-It code.  Kindergarten is ready to go!  Their very vivid and bright design had my lil guy so happy and excited.  He knew they were for his school stuff.  And me and my sister knew all his things would be safe.
The first thing I noticed were the shoe labels.  They're shaped like feet!  So that's going to help him to know which shoe goes on which foot! I've had my boys a couple of times in public with shoes on the wrong feet...and way passed Kindergarten.  Maybe I should edit that out LOL.  The labels stood up in my washer and dryer as well as the microwave and dishwasher.

I encourage any parent who is either tired of replacing or doesn't ever want to know the stress of losing a childs favorite toy to purchase these.  They can go on just about anywhere for any reason for anyone....  Sleepovers, school, church, picnics, camping. 

FTC Compliant:  I received the Olivers Labels free of charge for reviewing purpose.  I was not compensated.  These writings are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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Anonymous said...

Those are so cute. Thanks for the info. I am visiting and now following from Fancy Meeting You Monday. Happy escapes!


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Belly Charms said...

Oh yes.... my boys need these. I am checking it out right now.

Sandra said...

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This is odd, I was certain I was already following you, I remember seeing your name "Chickenista" and loving it!

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