Wait, Yes We Are Kidding!!

A couple of posts ago I had said we thought it looked as if Dora, our beloved goat, had kidded early. Not so!! Thankfully we immediately separated her from everyone because today we welcome our newest family member!!!

First and foremost I need to give a huge shout out to Fias Co Farm!! Thank you so much for your detailed step by step kidding directions. The video helped us so much, as this was our first kidding experience. If your new to goats and need any type of info on them, anything you could possibly think of, this is the site to see! (I'll place a link to the right of my blog.) I've been using this site even before I started raising goats. Plain simple info for the novice or anyone really.

So this morning I noticed "something" hanging from Doras' back end, immediately I knew. We hadn't lost the kid in a horrible accident. We were floored! I brought all children in so as to not disturb her labor. But they all watched out the window. She walked around quite a bit, we just stayed near by. She didn't really want us with her at that point. A couple hours later she went into the stall on her own, got to scratching and and then we heard her. Bing bam boom a kid is born. I'm so proud of her she did it all on her own!

Congratulations Dora we're all very proud of you both, we welcome your newest arrival.

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