It's A Comin' It's A Comin' And Hubby Is A Runnin'

As I sit here in my home I can feel it. I can see it. That time of year I just love. Spring time is almost here. Time for cleaning out the old and gettin' ready for the new! I think I'm mildly ADD. Because I'm always looking forward to the next thing. I can never enjoy the now. When, whatever it is, is finally done I have to plan for whats next. But, on to my point because I do have one.

We just spent the end of last year getting ready for Hubby's new job and Christmas. Then, the beginning of this year we've had a lot going on. Had to get house ready for new living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture. (Which just arrived Tuesday. Yipee!) And pack heirlooms away and toss the furniture the kids destroyed. (Which is still piled in our backyard waiting for a free minute) During this, I've had Hubby also building a new pig house and fence it plus building a new coop for the newbie chicks (which are taking over our bathroom flying everywhere YUCK!) Sooooo, yea he's not looking forward towards my next to do.

Well, last year we tried and tried to get our garden going and failed sadly. But, with the new fortress we built mid summer and the home grown fertilizer, I have a good feeling. I'm waiting as patiently as I can to plant my first seed. Last year, we transplanted dozens of veggies, with it failing, boy was that expensive. Hundreds of $$$ lost. For a $1 packet you get lots of chances. I may need them.

I'm thinking of changing the way we water. We have one of those sprinkler thingies that remind me of school for some reason. It covers a pretty descent area. But, sometimes corners are left out. If I use 2, the center becomes too saturated. Next option, not put any in the corners. But, that's a lot of veggies to lose. Not sure. Any ideas? Maybe there's a better waterer I don't know about.

Here's my want list for the new garden:
Bell Peppers
Whatever bay leaves come from. A Bay?

I'm gonna have to read those packets to see when I can plant some of them. But, I think that all we use. Mmm can't wait. I'm so excited. If you have tricks to get rid of prairrie dogs or rabbits let me know in case our fortress is invaded. Short of sitting out there with a bb gun I just don't know.

I was told and tried and failed:
Cut hair thrown on the ground around it. (It just blew around and looked trashy)
Moth balls (so dangerous with little ones and animals).
Traps (didn't catch a thing)
A certain plant I can't remember.
Chicken fencing. (We buried it 2 feet down and it was 4 feet high off the ground)
A sonic underground sound. (It suppose to give off a noise that tells them 'danger'. But they need to check their human-to-gopher dictionary, because I think it says 'FOOD'!)
Bunny-B-Gone spray (Again I think it attracted more)

This is our year I just know it. I'm so tired of hearing about recalls. Salmonella etc. I can't even give my kids pb&js unless I make it from scratch! It's really getting ridiculous. And down right scary! But, this will mark our last step in supplying ourselves with total food. No more will I need to step foot in a grocery store and spend $400 on food to last a week. I will know whats going in their mouths. More importantly, they'll know and feel the pride in knowing they did that.

To Hubby: Thank you for putting up with all my changing moods and just going with it. You do so much to make me happy and I want you to know, I swear, after our plants are in I'll give you some time off for good behavior. Well, after the pools done and ready and the patio furnitures been... aah nevermind, I got that babe. You amaze me everyday with all your able to do. Love you!!

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Country Whispers said...

Good luck with keeping the critters out. Rabbits seemed to be our trouble last year. We had deer coming into the garden area this fall so I'll be curious to see if they come back once it's planted again. I don't have any ideas that actually work. I told my husband the same thing though, I'll have to sit in the back window with a BB gun to scare them away.

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