Get To Know Me (My 25 Random)

I'm sure you've been hit a time or two by these chain e-mails from your "friends" but this one I thought would be a great blog post since I had so much fun writing it. Maybe you'll get to know me better, and hopefully you'll still come back.

"25 Random Things About Little Ol' Me."

This contains hopes and dreams, real facts, and just plain weird stuff. Read at your own risk!

1. My middle name is Ann (ugh)
2. I secretly love Cheetos in my peanut butter sandwiches *shh*
3. I've stolen the hearts of many (in my dreams)
4. I've won "Tony Awards" because of it (also in my dreams which is weird because I don't sing nor do I watch the Tony's)
5. I have told the kids it's later than it is just so they had to go to bed.
6. I am the stealer of the Oreo's (admitting it is the first step)
7. One day I hope to have my own business doing something. *anything*
8. One day I'll have to let go of my kids AND I WILL!
9. One day I hope to have five minutes alone in the bathroom
10. I secretly named one of my sons after the sexiest bull rider I've ever seen
11. I love insurance salesmen (whatever I'm running out of things)
12 Big Willy is my best son because he never says he hates me (one of my pigs)
13. I always buy generic prescription meds
14. Caitlin was everything I asked God for
15. Four kids is not enough I need a couple more but this time I'll be smart I'm going to adopt teens so they can babysit and clean!
16. I really do find it soothing to live simple
17. I save for things over just charging it
18. My house will be paid off by 2010
19. I will win the lotto this year
20. I blog because no one here cares to listen anymore.
21. I seriously love being a SAHM
22. Worst life decision moving to Cali straight outta school
23. Best life decision saying "hi" to the weird guy on the bus
24. My celeb guy crush: the guy from Dexter (who cares what his real name is he's cute!)
25. I don't thank God enough for my blessings.

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