One Goose A Layin.......

Well it's that time of year again, geese are back to business. I was hoping though one goose at least would lay me the "Golden Egg", but these are yummy enough! I can't wait til they all start pouring in! One great thing about raising poultry in so AZ no egg interruption! While in many other states they've stopped laying for the winter, here they lay straight thru with no external help from me. Below is a daily grab from my girls. It does slow down a bit but we ain't going without. Also this goose egg is small since this is it's first lay, I've been told, just like chickens. So I can't wait to see what is to come!


My one goose egg (at top) mixed in with chicken eggs and one duck egg. Yummy yummy breakfast!

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rebel said...

I love fresh eggs and I just like havin' chickens around. We have a lot of chiggers and ticks in this area and the chickens keep them eatin' up and out of the yard. I don't butcher any chickens though, the dadgum things make pets out of themselves.

Unknown said...

Sooooo.. what was the verdict? I SO want a goose! I need something that will scare the little dogs away from my ducks at the pond! But I would really like it NOT to chase me! hmmm never really met a "nice" goose.

beautiful eggs! Dont'cha just LOVE knowing were they came from?? whoo hoo!! You Rock!

Unknown said...

Actually my geese *knock on wood* have never acted out. They are really good watch geese though. They attack the roosters when they gang up on one hen and go all crazy when the flock is in danger at night. Thats how we caught the bobcat trying to get in the coop. Maybe its the breed Tolouse.
*I haven't had the nerve to eat one yet. They have us amazed*

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