I Got Sucked Into It Again

I went and got sucked in for two days playing with this dang page. Hopefully it's a little better. It started with just wanting a different background and evolved into a new play list and I added a slide show! Now you can check out the familia!! Hope y'all like it.

This took quite a few hours of changing and changing, but I'm finally happy with it. It feels like me. At the bottom of the page I added a slide show if you want to check that out. I changed a few of my favorite songs. Had to add a little Jr.. This play list is me for sure (all over the place). A little rock, little soul, little pop, and a whole lot country!

If you've never heard "Daughters" aah then you need to hear it! So beautiful.
Ooh and "Play Chicken With The Train."
And "Waiting On The World To Change."

So check everything out let me know what you think.....I can take it.....

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine balloons Valentine balloons Valentine balloons Valentine balloons

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