I Get Knocked Down... But I Get Up Again.....

Just like the song goes, "nothings gonna keep me down!" So this is what happened....

We had opened up the pass through from the goats to the pigs areas because we thought it looked like they missed each other. We separated Dora from her bffs to kid and now she spends her days leaned up against the fence with Big Willy and Big Mama on the other side laying next to the fence. So we opened the pass through and all went great! Boots happily and curiously went up to Big Mama, who doesn't do much but lay around, and jumps on her back. It was the cutest thing. He was playing "King of the Mountain". Big Mama didn't mind. Big Willy went to Dora smelled her and the walked around for a lil while.

Everything was going nice and easy. That is until I decided to grab her to milk. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with Willy roaming around with Boots or she was just not having it. But I had her by her horns, squatted down to talk to so I could lead her to be milked. Just as I squatted she lunged forward and threw me back. I let go of one horn to catch myself and as I was down on the ground this lil bugger tried to head butt me!! Luckily I still had the one horn pretty good so she didn't get to. Then Hubby jumps the fence, runs over and grabs her so I could get up. He tilts her head back, shows who's the boss and lets her go.

During all this I just couldn't believe the force of her. I was shocked cause I'm no lil lady. Well, I didn't get milk that day but I shall try again! Next time I'll do it before we open the pass through. If she continues to be just stubborn, then I guess we'll just have to take her down when we take our pig in to be butchered. Not sure on that yet. But I see no reason keeping her if she doesn't have a purpose. Too expensive. She may just continue to be aggressive since she has a kid to protect.

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