Thank goodness it's Friday finally. Phew....made it another week without serious injuries. All kids accounted for and in one piece! Yea me.

Now that probably sounds a little dramatic. But if you knew my kids, it's a wonder we're all still here. I have 3 wildly crazy, very curious and try anything once to scare mom boys. And one little lady along for the ride. Often times shes moms heart attack waiting to happen. I caught her on the top of our rv once and holy goodness!! That one scared me. She climbed up Hubby's motorcylce to reach the ladder then thought hey I think I'll dance. Thats when I walked outside. I dang near peed myself I was so shocked. Where were my boys you ask? Laughing their butts off at it all. Mind you she's only 2.

For some reason us moms can feel something going on. Call it intuition, whatever we just know. When it's just too quiet, we know. When their overly nice, we know. When one tries to get your attention away to distract you, we know.

We live in a very safe open area, we got some acreage so I leave my doors unlocked all day long and all night long. If I go to the store chances are I leave it unlocked. Our gate is hardly shut, let alone locked. We have guns, but never need them. So having the kids outside playing should have me at peace. With them out of the house so I can clean, talk on the phone or just have some quiet time to myself should be peaceful. But not with my kids. Their adventurous and curious nature always has me peeking out the window.

One nice sunny summer afternoon, I was having company. My sister and her kids had come over. We had all 9 kids playing on the brand new swing set. We were inside laughing and talking. All was going great. That is until we hear a horrifying cry. Immediatly we jump up and I see out the window my son holding his face. I tell my sister, "you go check. I can't look." I can't stand to see one of my kids injured. So she looks and calmly tells me to get my purse I had to take him to the hospital. I muster up the courage to look... and holy madness his eye lid was slit open!! I cringed just remembering. Not his first set of stitches or our first ER visit. The only child to not see the inside of an ER is Caitie. God help us she never will.

Stitches, ER, operations, 911 calls, we're pros. With boys I think most are. But, still gets us every time! I should remind you that I was a "single" mother for 5 years basically. Hubby was an over the road truck driver. So I was the only one here to witness the stunts gone wrong, the careless accidents and I freak out a lot. Thank goodness he's home now.

So you see, thats why I say, thank goodness we made it another week all safe and sound! Have a relaxing weekend all!

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