If You Wanna Know I'll Tell Ya! Layout Secrets Exposed!!

So I changed my layout recently, and it was really time consuming so if anyone wants to benifit from my experience heres how I got it. FREE!!!!!

The 3 column thing was from TCBOTB. You go there and click on "blog secrets" you'll find all kinds of neat tricks. Their easy step by step instructions made is so easy breezy.

The signature was from photobucket. I saved a picuture from my layout to the computer and uploaded it to photobucket. There I cropped it so I had matching background. Enter text into it and tada signature. Now where to place it, I got that from TCBOTB too. It's in layout, edit html, then expand widgets (check that box) and press ctrl f (for find) then enter
and put it right below it.

Banner I did from banner sketch. Again I uploaded the cropped background from my computer so it will blend and used their generator. Easy. You add that at layout, page elements, header, upload, click on instead of and save!

Blog button I used photobucket again. When I got the html code I just changed the first set of photo bucket url to mine blog url. So it's clickable to your site. But to display just the words so others could take my button that was soooooo frustrating!!! I couldn't find it anywhere on the web, I was really going crazy. But finally at about 4am this morning I found it. I dang near woke everyone up I was so thrilled!! I found it at www.w3schools.com/tags. You go to http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_textarea_readonly.asp and hit try it yourself, erase the text they have in leaving the top part, paste in your button info and hit eneter. If it comes out right then just copy that whole part on the left. Then you go to your add gadget, add html, and paste your "read only" button info. (How easy huh "duh read only")

The scrolling text at the top was done by going to layout again, edit html, expand widgets, ctrl f enter this
and just under it you place

You can put anything you want in the text area.

These are really neat tricks, but I do recommend backing up your layout first before you play with it!! Very important!! You can never be too careful.

It seemed everyone was really backed up with layout designs and I'm too impatient to wait for someone to do it for me, so I decided to learn on my own. I saved a lot of money too.

Have fun and let me know if it helped you please.

Also a HUGE THANK YOU TO THOSE SITES. Keeping a free site must be difficult so if you use them and are fortunate enough to donate a little, it goes along way!!!

4 Sweet Comments:

Nonna said...

Hi ! Just noticed you are following one of my blogs...welcome to the party. This blog is really nice the post is very helpful. I lost a blog by trying to tweak it with too much stuff, so good advice on that...I was so upset when that happened...LOL

Nekey said...

Hello.. thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

Kelly said...

Wow! I have to say my eyes glazed over while reading the post but it been the fact that I have been sitting in front of this machine for far too long! Thanks! Its tip-o-licious!

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