Attempting The Impossible?

About two weeks ago or so the kids and us decided to try a 3 day school week. Which to me meant two days double duty. All the kids saw, of course, was "woohoo 4 days off!!" Hubby used to be an OTR truck driver, which meant we saw him every couple of months. But this Christmas he started driving locally. We were very happy! But he has 12+ hour days and he works weekends so, the kids wanted to have school off with daddy plus I needed Fridays to go into town and do all the errands. So this was to be great all around... Yea right!
I usually start in the morning and end somewhere around dinner time, then homework begins. SOO...
Needless to say I have children breaking down left and right all day long. But like I said it was all agreed on to try this out. So I'm running from room to room trying to explain things to one kid, fetching a bottle to satisfy my baby lady, finding a descent cartoon to occupy my toddler and racing back to make sure no flipped the computer to games. Phew... I swear I may loose some weight.
I'm interested to find out how other home schoolers accomplish this. Do I need to get more anal about my schedule, do I just give up say it's just not possible?? Not sure.
But today I felt like a neglectful mother I sat my two youngest to watch t.v for a minute at 9am and I just found them passed out in front of it at 3:30pm My goodness I forgot about them this entire day. I can't believe it! I'm so ashamed! I need to visit "Bad Mothers Anonymous" at The Homesteading Housewife blog!!! But on the bright side, since the little kids were watching God knows what and are now sleeping, we totally finished early! I owe them some serious kisses when they wake up! But not just yet, maybe I can get in a relaxing bath first! I know, I know that's bad.

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Country Whispers said...

I am always interested in hearing how other homeschoolers go about their days. Keep in mind this is our 1st year in doing this but here's how it goes. I have a 3rd grader and a 5yr. old. We hit every subject with at least one lesson in each plus several worksheets on each topic each day. My 5 yr. old works on preschool-kindergarten stuff in the other room & I float back & forth between them both. Our average school day only lasts 2-4 hours ( just depends on how interested they are & how well they cooperate as to how long it takes) I was worried that we would fall behind but we are a month ahead of the public school system & I don't let them move on to the next lesson until I am sure they totally understand it all. We also have a good many weeks that we only do it 4 days. Just depends on what we are studying and how much we have done. So far this is working out good for us, not to say that we don't have hectic days because we sure do but it's been well worth it so far.
Good luck & don't give up!

rebel said...

Well, I never homeschooled so my hat goes off to you. It seems you may be too hard on yourself. As moms we've all had our days where we put the kids to somethin' for a few minutes and hours later we remember them (it's not that you really forgot 'em). I'm sure you'll get into the groove, just like anything else it takes a little time.

Unknown said...

It's our first year home schooling too, so we're trying to find out whats gonna work. I love it though, its the best choice we could of made for the kids and I'm sure we'll fall into a groove. Somewhere. But I'm always curious too how others do it.

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