Erica Can, I Can

There's a new show out about a girl that can take back her wrong choices and correct them. It got me thinking about what I would change if I could go back and right some wrongs. The show is called Being Erica and it premieres on Soap tomorrow. Now I know the choices you've made in life took you to where you are. Good or bad its made you who you are today. Maybe stronger maybe thankful. But for funs sake I'm gonna right some wrongs here.

If I knew then what I know now..............

Now that I'm a Parent Stuff:
I would of been prouder to wear my mothers "creations" (now that I sew my kids clothes I know how hard it was for her.)

I would of helped out more with the house without whining (or at least not as much)

I would have listened more (turns out they were our age at one time!)

I would of used kinder words

I would of given more of myself

I would of said "Thank You" more

School stuff:
I would of paid a lot more attention in class

I would of went to class more

I would of been nicer to the ones I didn't understand

I wouldn't of taking love so seriously

I would of reached out to the friend in need

I wouldn't of dropped my bff because she didn't fit in

Life Stuff:
I would of went to college straight out of high school

I would of put myself first instead inconsiderate selfish jerks

I would of listened more to family and friends about certain boyfriends/ ex-husband

I would of been more respectful of myself and others

I would of not taken that last shot( I don't drink anymore for a reason:)

I would of taken more time to enjoy my baby free days with Hubby( you take that for granted only after you have kids)

I would of recorded more home videos of the kids as babies. Especially first cry aah I love that sound its so cute!! Oh and first smiles.

I'm going to throw these in just because:
I will enjoy everyday God gives me with my children and Hubby

I will encourage my children the way my parents did for me

I will always love my family no matter what

I will show Hubby my love for him everyday of my life

I will show God my appreciation and thank Him everyday for my gifts

I will laugh more

I will always put family first

The show is a cute "what if I could" concept. I can't wait to watch the premiere. I encourage others to take a look back and see what they would change. We may not be able to erase our past but why would we want to its our journey. We live we learn.

4 Sweet Comments:

Claire MW said...

I love the name of your blog! Thanks for visiting mine! It made me laugh, and now I don't know if I'm a chickenista or a sheepista or a goatista or a llamaista or a duckista or a bunnyista, or maybe all of the above. I loved your post about the goat milking. Cute and funny! Where is a picture of your goat?!

I don't know what I would take back...I would take back some of the things I said to my parents when I was a teenager with an attitude. I'd probably also take back a bad date or two, but other than that....?

Unknown said...

I think you'd be a farm diva!! LOL Its a dirty job working with all these animals, I have to girly it up some how!! I posts pics of my goat I milked under newbies.. Love your pic too!

rebel said...

Very good post. About the only thing I'd change, I feel I am who I am because of my choices in life, so the only thing is I would take back any mean thing I ever said to my parents and anyone else in this world.
Get's ya to thinkin', huh?

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