And This Is Why Hes A Runnin

Yesterday I wrote how busy we've been and how I just can't wait for spring...

I thought I would show why Hubbys needing some time out.


Should have her 2nd litter around the beginning of March.
With her first litter she had 8!!


Ain't he cute! He was one of Daddy crew.


Nice and comfy. Ready to welcome new piglets...


Our newbies home. Its not really slanted, I just can't take pictures.
Walls went up yesterday. It will have two rows for nests
along the back and both ends will have fans.


This project was started when he was on the road.
So this is actually taking the longest.
Roof needs to be completed and inside still needs
insulation and dry wall.
The kids think their moving into it :)

I agree after all this Hubby deserves a lil r&r.

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