Goodbye To An Old Friend

Today Hubby and I had a very eventful and sad day. To say the least. Needed to go into town for lumber for our new Piggie Palace and I needed to pick up some things at the grocery store. So, we took our big old van. For months now Hubby has been trying to get me stop driving it, its like 20 years old. But I love it! It's one of those RV vans that have tables with cup holders and like tons of leg room. Big tinted windows, thick plush carpeting. It also makes to where if one of the kids is having a bad day it's not right in my ear.

So we loaded it up at Home Depot with 32 2x4, 10 sheets of plywood everything. Then went to Fry's to get about a weeks worth of groceries. Off we went to home. We're driving down the Hwy out of town listening to the radio. We're all singing, no ones fussing, it's a great drive. We're going about 70mph and just singing along. Then just when we're just about half way between town and our area boom! I get a flat tire.

I successfully maneuver it to the side of the road and Hubby gets out to check on the tire. Ironically that was our spare, I had just gotten a flat tire and hadn't fixed the old one yet. Living out here flat tires are common. So what does Hubby do, he drove on it! "They do it on "Cops" and they last a good while!" So on we went about 2mph on the shoulder. Then we hear bang bang bang. The tread is coming off and is banging up the side of my door. Pieces are just flying in the window, I'm not in a good mood at this point. But on he goes. Then he says "OK now we lost the brakes" I'm just looking at this man like are you kidding me? My beautiful van! Turns out he broke the brake line. Finally he gives up and parks it. Thank God!

Just as we get out a neighbor pulls over and gives Hubby a lift to pick up his truck. Awesome right and he said "pay it forward" as Hubby tried to give him a couple bucks for the ride. Love that. So I take out the kids and we walk down the bank away from the hwy to wait. I was looking at my van thinking that was it. No more rides in her. Now I do have a brand new 07 Magnum Hubby bought me a year and half ago. It's red with white racing stripes. But its not the same! That car is mine, not for the kids to trash. Cause they do trash a lot of vehicles. So the van was the "aah who cares" vehicle.

So we emptied it out and left her there on the side of the road til a tow could come out. And here she will sit, I just know, waiting to be fixed by Hubby. But like most things in the yard she'll have a long wait. She'll probably be the kids fort!

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